A Versatile Solution For Your Workspace Scheduling Woes

AgilQuest presents a versatile solution for scheduling resources across the workplace.

AgilQuest’s Forum is a SaaS, cloud-based booking and measurement platform where businesses of any size can easily manage meeting rooms, conference rooms, workspaces and other workplace resources for internal scheduling.

AgilQuest’s Forum extends its functionality to any mobile employee for finding and booking office space wherever they need to work and collaborate. This provides business with an easy-to-implement, low-cost solution for improving workplace efficiency and experience.

As workplaces have evolved over the last several years, managing space and resources had become more complicated on one hand (more people, more spaces, more activity around the office) and easier, on the other (better technology to manage those spaces). AgilQuest, long in the lead to develop programs for managing and measuring workspace scheduling, has introduced Forum as a new platform that benefits both the facility management team and end-users.

How will the product impact workplace design?

Forum gives employees choice and flexibility in the workplace, as well as utilization data for the organization to better understand how their space is being used. By collecting presence and booking data, organizations can provide just the right amount, and the right type, of collaboration space and workspaces. Employees can then find and choose the space that best fits their work styles and needs.

Does the product support agile and activity-based workplaces that are becoming so prevalent in new and refurbished facilities?

Absolutely! The ability to work wherever suits the employee at any given moment must be supported by a system that makes finding those spaces easy. Forum allows people to find their teammates and coworkers in order to sit near them and makes it easy to find different types of available space that may work best for whatever their needs are for the day. Without a reliable platform like Forum, employees may spend wasted time walking around finding available space. Another great feature of Forum is the ability to connect coworking and business centers to an account so employees can not only find the space they need within an organization’s portfolio but also outside. This is a first for any platform of this type.

Another great use case is landlords and building managers can use Forum to manage amenities they offer their tenants. For example, the District Center in DC uses Forum for tenants to access rentable collaboration space, including a rooftop lounge, meeting rooms, and even the loading dock and service elevators.

A snapshot from District Center’s Tenant Portal guide illustrates AgilQuest’s Forum as a tool for the building’s tenants

Can you tell a story or give an example of how this product can be used in a project?

The first step to any successful project is to measure and understand how current space is being used. Forum’s built-in advanced analytics engine gathers data through a variety of sources including security badge integration, network log-ins and transactions with the reservation system including check-ins and cancellations, just to name a few! The dashboards and reports give the organization actionable information like actual utilization data and employee presence to help them determine what types and how much space to provide and who is eligible for desk sharing (hoteling/hotdesking), telework or other flexible work options.

AgilQuest’s Forum is accessible from any device, desktop, laptop, mobile app – and is easily set up to manage space resources across an entire real estate portfolio.

What other features would be of interest to our readers?

  • The AgilQuest Forum utilizes interactive floorplans and integrated Google map views to get users where they need to be for improved wayfinding
  • Forum Mobile Apps allow quick claiming of a meeting room or workspace by simply scanning a QR code. Touchdown spaces can be easily managed with QR codes, or they can serve as an alternative to expensive digital signs outside of meeting rooms
  • A Lobby Kiosk interface offers an interactive way for employees to find and book space for the day as soon as they enter the lobby of their building. They can also manage current reservations and even find coworkers quickly through a people search
  • Our user-friendly, intuitive platform requires no user training
  • Users can share and reserve all workplace resources, the flexible reservation engine is optimized for managing resources beyond desks, workspaces and conference rooms
  • Interactive, touchscreen meeting room displays make it easy to find and book conference rooms without logging into a web or mobile app
Finding and booking meeting space is easy as 1,2,3!
  • Forum has a powerful, built-in analytics platform with customizable dashboards and shareable reports
  • Forum is SaaS-based for easy implementation at low costs, rapid deployment, hands-free upgrades, all with no IT presence required
  • Quickly add, modify and archive Locations, Assets, and Users in bulk to decrease setup time
  • Easily see if your team will be in the office, where they will be seated and if they’ve checked in for the day
The analytics tools can be customized to better analyze the data that is needed for each Facility.

When will the product be available?

Available now, sign up for a demo or free trial at AgilQuest.com! You can get a sneak peek here.

Our clients enjoy regular updates on space management and utilization via our complimentary webinars – if Work Design readers would like to catch one for free, sign up to hear about them here.

Are you going to be exhibiting the product any time soon?

Come see AgilQuest at CoreNet Global Summit 2020 in Washington, DC October 25-28.

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