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hot desking

Industry News: The Worst Hybrid Work Trend That Has To Stop

Why hot desking is the hybrid work trend that needs to stop, well-being predicts outstanding job performance, and more news.

Industry News: Remaking the Workspace to Boost Social Connection

Prioritizing social connection as we redesign the office, rethinking downsizing the office, and more news.

Industry News: Have We Known How To Make Healthier Buildings For Decades?

COVID-19 may be the stressor that pushes buildings to adopt healthy practices, the changes businesses are making to workplace culture after the return to work, and more news.

Studio Bipolar Creates a Colorful Coworking Space For BHive-11 in New Delhi

When coworking space provider BHive-11 was looking to design their new coworking campus in New Delhi, India, they chose Studio Bipolar to design the colorful space.

CEOs Talk Workplace – Interview with Cresa’s Jim Underhill

Jim Underhill of Cresa shares how they achieved the perfect mix of open and private space in their new corporate headquarters in DC.

A Versatile Solution For Your Workspace Scheduling Woes

AgilQuest presents a versatile solution for scheduling resources across the workplace. AgilQuest's Forum is a SaaS, cloud-based booking and measurement platform where businesses of any...

Top 5 Things Tenants Want From Their Space, And Other Industry News

The five key things office space tenants are increasingly searching for, Convene is changing workplace design with a human-centered approach, and other industry news.

Designing For Instagram Is Hurting Office Design, And Other Industry News

Are we creating beautiful, functional spaces or merely social-media-friendly content, open plan offices may not be good for everyone, especially women, and more news.

Designing Offices Where Privacy Doesn’t Compromise Safety, And Other Industry News

Questions to think about when creating spaces that are safe for everyone, How the gig economy is shaping the commercial real estate sector, and more news.

Choose Workplace Tech That Works With Your People, Not Against

Today’s workplace problems have more available solutions than ever before, so common office challenges can be addressed in a way that works best for everyone.

Something Worse Than the Open Office, and Other Industry News

Have we invented something worse than the open office?, how to tell the difference between shared office space and co-working, and more industry news.

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