Conversations at CoreNet: Global Summit 2019

What role does corporate real estate play in leading, creating and fostering experiences that enable business success? Our recap of CoreNet Global Summit 2019.

Kay Sargent brought the magic to CoreNet Global Summit as a member of CoreNet Global’s Board of Directors.

The Work Design team recently returned from an exciting trip to Orange County, CA to attend the CoreNet Global Summit 2019. The annual event is the largest corporate real estate summit in the world, with more than 2,500 attendees, 200 speakers, and 120 learning experiences.

Ignore the headlines.

Follow the trendlines.

-Chris Kelly, Convene, CoreNet Global Summit 2019

This year’s CoreNet Global Summit theme focused on “Experience Matters, It’s Not Just Business, It’s Personal”, CoreNet Global also brought the magic this year, with it taking place in the land of Disney. The excursions were chocked full of Disney experiences that brought out everyone’s inner-child for creativity and innovation.

My favorite part was the general session had some great speakers, especially speakers like Duncan Wardel, Creativity Consultant, Former Head of Innovation and Creativity for Disney, who emphasized the importance of unleashing your inner-child.

Bob Fox, Publisher, Work Design Magazine

During the event, we made sure to check in with some of our favorite brands and organizations and share conversations about what themes they saw emerging from the event and their thoughts on the future of work.

WDM: What are the underlining themes that you observed at the 2020 CoreNet North America Summit?

The Clearing: Shifting from transactional interactions to experience-based interactions.

Anne Hardy, Chief Security Officer, Join Digital: Building technology integrations, Workplace Wellness, Cybersecurity, Data Privacy plus science and technology linking to biology and nature

Gabrielle Dalvet, Marketing Communications Lead, Robin: Occupancy, Employee Experience, and Future of Work Tech.

Ben Waber, Co-Founder, Humanyze: An appreciation for data in the workplaces – we need to use data to show how people are interacting in offices which can inform our design and CRE decisions.

Conversations with Brands
Gabrielle’s colleague Rob walking a visitor through the Robin kiosk feature. Image courtesy of Gabrielle Dalvet.

WDM: Looking a few years out, where is the greatest potential for new workspaces?

The Clearing: Apartment buildings – providing co-working spaces close to home

Anne Hardy, Chief Security Officer, Join Digital: Biomimicry, Biological computing and storage, Virtual workplaces

Gabrielle Dalvet, Marketing Communications Lead, Robin: Workspaces in the future will be one (or many) steps ahead of the employees that they’re serving, by anticipating the tasks, tools, and spaces people will need to get their work done throughout the day. Tasks that are as simple as booking a meeting room or desk will be so finely-tuned and automated that the employee will forget it was ever a challenge back in the early days.

Anna Lui, Senior Marketing Manager, Comfy: Many of our clients today are already starting to see the benefits of our intelligent workplace platform (our enterprise-grade space analytics and our employee-facing app that suggests spaces and services, where and when they’re needed). When I think of workspaces of the future, I picture places that take this approach even further: interweaving emerging tech and creative workplace design strategies and turning workplaces into vital hubs that foster collaboration and innovation.

We were drawn to SpaceIQ’s new book – we think it will be a best-seller!

WDM: Channeling George Jetson, is there something that you see that doesn’t exist today that you think will disrupt how we work in the future?

The Clearing: Advancements in transportation options will enable companies to access a larger talent pool and technology will enable commuters to get more work done while in transit

Anne Hardy, Chief Security Officer, Join Digital: Seamless AR/VR

Gabrielle Dalvet, Marketing Communications Lead, Robin: We’ve seen inklings of it in startups or as branches of larger tech companies, but the world of connecting remote workers to the ones in the office will see more and more disruption and a softening of the lines that separate them through AR/VR. Today, this feels very sci-fi movie-esque and I doubt is something everyone is comfortable with. But in the future, I’m sure that will be as automatic as the smartphones in all of our hands.

Jomal McNeal, Director of Customer Development, Optimaze: Teleport drones could disrupt the future!

CoreNet Global Summit
Work Design Magazine’s, Bob Fox and Caki Diehl

The Work Design team is counting down the days till CoreNet 2020 in Washington, DC! 

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