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As the Curtis Mayfield R&B song goes, “We just keep on keeping on.” While we’re continuing to try to stay positive and adjust to our new normal during these times of uncertainty, we hope that you find inspiration from these stories focused on what people are doing about working around the constraints of social distancing and WFH. We’re all in this together. Stay positive, stay healthy, and stay at home!

  • Richard Harris, who is one of New Zealand’s most experienced architects and practice leaders, shares with Architecture AU how we can manage in these uncertain times.
  • French artists have taken to Twitter to create an incredible collaborative artwork called #CoronaMaison. Using a template of a room with a staircase, each artist has created a depiction of the perfect room in which they’d would be quarantined as a result of coronavirus. To join, download the CoronaMaison template, draw your ideal room, and post it on social media using the hashtag #CoronaMaison!
  • Interior Design reports that while projects remain on pause, meetings and plans for the future continue—and some global designers share their strategies for the new normal.
  • Interiors + Sources shares how the architecture and design community has come together during coronavirus.
  • RICS, IFMA, and Leesman have collaborated to build a global pan-industry response group to the threat posed to the real estate and facilities management industries by Covid-19 and addressing the huge uptake in home working.
  • Industry Announcement: Our partners, The Workplace Evolutionaries (WE), a Community of Practice within IFMA, is committed to helping its members and stewards of the built environment not just survive the COVID-19 crisis, but emerge from it with new insights, practices, and plans for the future. To that end, WE invite our members, other associations, global employers and the general public to participate in ground-breaking research based on this Global Work-From-Home Experience Survey. Please lend us your thoughts in this 10 minute or less survey.
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