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What Is The Office For? A Look At The Changing Role Of The Workplace

Companies that use offices as “centres of gravity” and places for connection likely won’t require as much space as before. Their workplaces will become more about human experiences and collaboration rather than square footage.

Creating A Safe Return To Work: 3 Things NOT To Do

One size does not fit all. Parthajeet Sarma shares three things that organizations should NOT do as we make our return to work.

Industry News: Longterm Office Design Impacts of COVID-19

How the A&D community is rethinking the workspace due to the impacts of COVID-19, landlords prep for new normal of how offices will change + more.

Return to the Workplace: Lessons from Healthcare for an Ounce of Prevention

What can the workplace learn from the healthcare industry post-COVID-19?

Facing Uncertainty With Flexibility: Creating Return To Work Guidelines

The return to work will happen in phases, but the time to start preparing your return to work guidelines is now.

Post-Pandemic Workplace Evaluation: Capturing Data From The Remote Workforce

This unprecedented disruption to the workplace has provided a unique chance to study the impacts of more distributed remote workforce.

Industry News: Have We Known How To Make Healthier Buildings For Decades?

COVID-19 may be the stressor that pushes buildings to adopt healthy practices, the changes businesses are making to workplace culture after the return to work, and more news.

Navigating Your Future Workplace Post COVID-19: A Roadmap

Here is a checklist to guide you in determining what needs to be in place as people return to the office.

Industry News: How COVID-19 will change your open office

A round up of opinions from all over the web surrounding how COVID-19 will change your open office and the future of work.

What People Can Expect From Their Workplace Post-COVID-19

Drawing on observations and experiences gleaned from decades of designing office environments, Martin Goldstein predicts some substantive shifts in what people can expect from their workplace.

Staying Connected While Staying Apart

During this time of social distancing, Stephanie Douglass of HOK shares some tips for designers to help us become better connected to our colleagues and our clients in a meaningful way. 

Industry News: It’s Time To Make Your Back-To-The-Office Plan

We've rounded up some of the top stories surrounding how to safely make the return to the office and how it will change. 

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