Interview With Rex Miller: What’s Next, New & Innovative in Post Pandemic Wellbeing

Bob Fox chats with competition juror and wellness thought leader, Rex Miller about the post pandemic work environment as we gear up for WDM’s The Next Work Environment Competition

We hope you are staying healthy while working on innovative and creative entries for The Next Work Environment Competition! The WDM team and our esteemed jury panel are getting excited to see your ideas starting on June 8th. Check out the video above to see Work Design Magazine publisher, Bob Fox chat with Rex Miller about the prospects for what’s next, new, and innovative for the post pandemic work environment.

Solutions need to go beyond the masks and six-feet of separation. Bob and Rex discuss the need for new measures that address how our industry can collectively work together to provide thoughtful, effective and implementable solutions as we migrate from shelter in place to the next normal.

You can learn more about The Next Work Environment Competition and submit here

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