Interview with Hanns Lee: How Has COVID-19 Affected The Workplace?

Bob Fox chats with Hanns Lee, Managing Direction of Hines Office of Innovation, about how about how COVID-19 has affected the workplace and The Next Work Environment Competition.

Despite the many negative effects of the pandemic, Hanns thinks that a heightened emphasis on health and wellness in the workplace is a positive outcome. We’ve heard over and over again the substantial product loss attributed to employee sick days. If the workplace can improve improve one’s health, then that benefits all levels of individuals, the company, and our economy.

Hanns and his work with Hines is heavily involved with the WELL Building Institute and the WELL Living Lab, a partnership between the Mayo Clinic and Delos. The lab is dedicated to studying the impact of the indoor workplace environment on human health. Last month, they kicked off a study focused on contagion and transmission through ventilation and material surfaces.

As people start to return to work, Hanns says the biggest issue will be the desire to ramp back up to pre-COVID production levels versus considering the health and safety risks of a full return to the office. We all now understand more than ever the value that the office brings in terms of collaboration and culture, but our return must be well-thought-out. Hanns is encouraged to hear from Hines’ occupiers about their disciplined, phased approach for returning to work. Check out the video of their conversation above to learn more about Hanns and his work.

You can learn more about The Next Work Environment Competition here. Submissions close July 9th! 

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