Find Your Way With Nimway: The Smart Office Solution From Sony

Get organized and in control of your workplace experience this year with the Nimway smart office solution from Sony.

Nimway digital floorplans in the lobby of Sony, Lund help employees and visitors navigate the large campus.

Who doesn’t love the great technological innovations that help us manage our workday? Sony has brought its Nimway smart office solution to market as an option for those seeking to be more organized and in control of their workplace experience.

Acting as your personal assistant throughout the day, it facilitates many otherwise time-consuming tasks – like finding the way to a meeting room, locating a colleague or pinpointing a free desk space.

How will Nimway help businesses planning their return to the office?

Implementing Nimway can help companies meet the new requirements for social distancing, sanitation and occupancy standards – helping employees return to the office with confidence and the assurance that all policies are in place, along with the technology to promote and monitor them.

The Nimway app lets you book rooms and desks, locate colleagues and more.

Facility managers are already starting to embrace Nimway, thanks to its smart features, combined with easy set up and utilization. There are multiple options to choose from. Everything from a simple installation-free solution centered on the mobile app, to a complete, full-fledged solution with sensors, beacons, room panels and floor plans to help employees navigate the office when they return.

The Nimway ecosystem.

What are the options and key features?

Featured capabilities include identifying and reserving a specific workstation or desk, clearly identifying which can be used, and which are blocked to meet social distancing requirements; providing touchless solutions to see which spaces are available for work or meeting activities such as digital floorplans for guidance. 

Installation-free Nimway

Here’s what you get with an installation-free Nimway solution:

  • Direct the flow of people entering and leaving buildings
  • Support for social distancing at workstations and in meeting rooms
  • Data to enable targeted cleaning procedures
  • Booking and management of rooms and desks
  • Better space utilization, within social distancing regulations

Full installation of Nimway

A physical installation enables additional features such as:

  • Improved wayfinding – and find your colleagues. Send smart invitations
  • Real time availability of rooms and desk for your employees
  • Analytics on room/desk occupancy for better resource planning
  • Optimized cleaning procedures based on real-time data
  • Digital floorplans with touch-free guidance to rooms/desks

Nimway provides additional value to the facilities team by showing which desks have been occupied so that they can dispatch the cleaning crew between uses.

Readers can find out more about specific features here.

Before Nimway, it was a challenge to find meeting rooms and colleagues at Sony’s large campus in Lund, Sweden.

What factors were the driving forces behind your platform?

Nimway was developed as an internal tool to help Sony’s own employees find their way around the 13 different buildings on the campus in Lund, Sweden.

Lars Gunnar Lundgren, who heads up the Nimway team explains, “We were having a hard time locating meeting rooms and colleagues, and we soon realized we weren’t the only ones. Lots of other companies had similar problems, so we decided to turn Nimway into a commercial solution.”

What other tools does Nimway provide?

With Nimway analytics tools, facility managers can turn data into insights and make more informed decisions about space utilization.  In dynamic and frequently changing workplaces, it’s important to continuously adapt layouts, based on actual usage of the space.

The program’s analytics tool provides facility managers with valuable insights on space utilization.

What do you think users will love about your platform?

“People tend to get excited about the cool features of Nimway! For example, the talk bubbles which appear on the digital floor plan when users approach it with their phone,” says Lars Gunnar. “But generally speaking, clients love the fact that Nimway has a comprehensive set of features, while still being so easy to use.”

Talk bubbles pop up automatically on the digital floorplan to show you where your next meeting is.

Where can our readers find out additional information?

We are happy to provide a demo upon request. For further information please contact [email protected]

Learn more about Nimway by Sony here.

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