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space utilization

Industry News: Utilization Is The Most Used Office Performance Metric

Space utilization passes occupancy costs and employee engagement, what will make hybrid work stick, and more news from around the web.

75% Of Business Leaders Lack Data Needed For Crucial CRE Decisions

Three out of four business leaders say they lack utilization and space data to make informed decisions about their commercial real estate/workplace needs, but this is exactly the data that they need in order to retain employees.

How Data Will Shape the Future of the Office

Jamie Feuerborn of TMA shares how new technologies and data tracking can help designers cultivate sustainable, inclusive, and collaborative workplaces.

What Impact Would The 4-Day Workweek Have On Commercial Real Estate?

Underutilized real estate leads to millions of dollars wasted each year; with the 4-day workweek gaining traction, CRE investors and landlords could lose millions in underutilized space.

4 Strategies for Smarter Space Planning in a Distributed Workplace

Erin Sevitz of iOFFICE shares 4 strategies to help make the right space planning decisions for your office.

Bring the Outside In to Optimize Office Utilization

Making big changes to traditional workplaces is hard. But every office can enjoy the benefits of nature at work. Hanna Graziano of  FM:Systems and Lisa Layman of Eighth Day Design share how.

3 Smart Steps to Rightsize Your Workspace

Andrew Butterworth of OccupEye Ltd. shares the importance of rightsizing your space and leveraging analytics in a comprehensive way.

5 Workplace Metrics to Adopt Now

Brian Haines explores five metrics that will be key to determining which real estate measurements will achieve desirable and sustainable long-term outcomes.

How Technology, Data And A Focus On Wellness Are Creating The New Sustainable Workplace 

RSP’s Meghann Duran and Jeremi Van Wave combine analytics and human-centric design for the latest in green workspaces. 

Navigate the changing office landscape with Nimway

Get organized and in control of your workplace experience this year with the Nimway smart office solution from Sony.

Proceed With Caution: A Clear Understanding Of Where You Are Headed And Why

Excerpts from HOK’s upcoming whitepaper “Tech Workplace: From Frontier to Center Stage.” An investigation of the forces reshaping the tech industry and how workplace design can position companies for success.

Why Measuring the Human Condition Results in Better Space Design

The most successful workplace designs are ones that have been developed with a strong and comprehensive people strategy as a foundation.

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