Drumbeat’s INDUSTRY SLC Submission – Winners in the Office Building Category

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Emma Weckerling
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Meet the Drumbeat team and their winning ‘Modern Office Space Through Design and Adaptive Reuse’ (INDUSTRY SLC) submission in the Office Building category. You can keep up with what’s next for Drumbeat by following them on LinkedIn. Check out the full submission below!

We connected with the Drumbeat team to see how their INDUSTRY SLC submission has evolved since entering the competition.

“INDUSTRY SLC’s growth is ongoing. We are currently underway or have completed multiple additions/expansions within our neighborhood. In July of 2022, Slackwater Pizzeria opened its 3rd location next to INDUSTRY SLC. Their restaurant spans approximately 8,500 square feet and is an adaptive reuse project, serving the neighborhood artisan pizzas and a wide beer selection.

INDUSTRY SLC is currently under construction on two additions, the first totaling over 100,000 SF of office, manufacturing, and warehouse space for two life science companies and will be completed in fall 2022. The second addition will span approximately 25,000 square feet and is set for a 2023 opening. When finished, INDUSTRY SLC will total 300,000 square feet of modern office space and house over 30 tenants.

Across the street, the INDUSTRY SLC parking garage has broken ground. This structure will provide 12,000 square feet of ground-floor commercial space and nearly 1,000 parking stalls, set to open in 2023. Over the coming years, the INDUSTRY SLC neighborhood will expand to include an activated streetscape with pedestrian-friendly green spaces, multi-family housing options, and more.”

Check out the slideshow and summary of the submission below:

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Modern Office Space Through Design and Adaptive Reuse – INDUSTRY SLC

Inspiring and disruptive; two words many people wouldn’t imagine calling their work environment, are some of the foundational elements we use to describe INDUSTRY SLC. By fostering an environment that connects and amplifies business and community voices through a one-of-a-kind adaptive reuse space, we are forging a path for intention and creativity. Curating 2-3 large cornerstone tenants, a multitude of mid-sized companies, dozens of sole proprietors, and boutique firms, INDUSTRY SLC provides a one-of-a-kind professional ecosystem. Fostering this progressive environment the building offers shared kitchens, conference rooms, and outdoor spaces. Tenants have the option to congregate in communal spaces or retreat to their tailored offices for a more individualized effort.

A defining quality that INDUSTRY SLC is known for is the ability for all tenants to design a fully customizable workspace that represents their people and their brand needs. With intentional thought to long-term solutions, the organization of tenant suites, and the ability to shift a glass wall system, companies can plan growth trajectories and expand their space as needed.

INDUSTRY SLC opened its doors in March of 2020, right as COVID was impacting the world and pushing the norms of how companies and employees work. By providing a workspace that is exciting and engaging, tenants report a higher level of employee retention and recruiting when occupying space within INDUSTRY SLC. During a time when many office spaces became unleaseable and companies were downsizing their leases, INDUSTRY saw a 90% lease rate, which has only increased, sitting at 100% today.

By intentionally nodding back to the building’s unique past, the design team utilized the existing structure and the building’s innate character to highlight and amplify an authentic, yet effective design. Original wood ceilings dating back to the 1920s, two massive out-of-service cranes, and original brick walls, provide ultimate respect to the building’s history. This unique blend of history juxtaposed with modern design creates a non-linear experience for tenants and visitors.

One of the core values that INDUSTRY SLC focuses on is neighborhood building and providing a positive impact on its surrounding. Since 2020, INDUSTRY SLC has been a catalyst for neighborhood revitalization and welcoming back the citizens of Salt Lake City to this burgeoning urban landscape known as the Granary District.

With plans to continue growing the surrounding neighborhood, INDUSTRY has recently partnered with a local Utah restaurant opening within the building, construction of additional office and biotech space, and a pedestrian-friendly streetscape that will provide green space, an event plaza, and play commons. Additionally, 12 acres across from INDUSTRY SLC is under construction as a mixed-use development for further city and neighborhood growth.

INDUSTRY SLC provides an environment that matches the progressive, active, and integrated lifestyle of today’s individual. This initiative showcases how one project has the ability to transform the outdated notion of “going to the office,” and create a positive and lasting impact on a community.

Here’s what our jurors had to say about Drumbeat’s submission:

  • “I really like this space. I like that it’s an actual project that’s been built. Seems like a very interesting industrial building as well.”
  • “I do like the graphics that have been shown. I think those are very nicely done. I could see this as being a very successful project.”

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