JLL’s The Whole Experience – Winners In The Amenities & Experiences Category

Meet the JLL Experience/Spaces team and their winning ‘The Whole Experience’ submission in the Amenities & Experiences category. You can keep up with what’s next for JLL by following them on LinkedIn or Instagram. Check out the full submission below!

JLL Team

Lori Louis, Global Product Owner, JLL Experience Spaces

Christine Hong, Global Product Lead, JLL Experience Spaces

Lindsey Walker, Global Product Manager, JLL Experience Spaces

Josh Broehl, SVP & Managing Director, Big Red Rooster (not pictured)

We connected with the JLL team to see how their submission has evolved since entering the competition.

The Whole Experience is still in the conceptual stage as we continue to research and gather data to further inform how we move forward.  Our Future of Work Survey revealed that Hybrid working is here to stay and calls for the rejuvenation of the office: 77% agree/strongly agree that offering hybrid working will be critical to attracting and retaining talent and 79% agree their organization is acting today to make the workplace more inclusive and diverse for all employees.  Investing in quality space will be a greater priority than expanding total footprint: 77% agree that investing in quality takes priority over expanding total footprint and 72% agree that long term, the office will remain central to their organization’s ecosystems.

Our Workforce Barometer Report found 73% of the workforce aspire to new “human” places (places that promote healthy lifestyles, safety and wellbeing), 58% of the workforce consider that health and wellbeing programs will make employers unique in the long term, and the top three amenities and services that workers indicate would improve their overall wellbeing while at work are relaxation spaces, healthy food services, and outdoor spaces.

These trends and insights indicate that continued focus on The Whole Experience is critical.

Check out the slideshow and summary of the submission below:

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The Whole Experience

The relevancy of amenities has evolved in response to hybrid work. Amenity space can be a differentiator for the attraction and retention of employees and a point of encouragement to visit the shared workplace. But most importantly, the future of amenities is to act as a component of a supportive work environment. Employees want to be supported as their whole and authentic selves. They desire to contribute to the organization’s success while achieving personal quality of life, and amenities must encourage the evolution from work-life balance to work-life harmony.

Through the voice of customer feedback sessions and alignment of work-life harmony principles (i.e., Engaged, Priorities, Purpose), our organization has focused on a category of amenity solutions that provide an ecosystem of holistic wellness, rewarding experiences, and a sense of community. A thriving work environment is dependent on an employee’s engagement. Amenities designed to embody this ethos will provide employees with a productive workspace to perform at their best while being their best. This is accomplished through self-care and the opportunity to support others that rely on them, such as family members.

The entry point solution which supports holistic wellbeing, MY Market, provides an individually tailored experience for nutrition and hydration anchored by scientific analysis and personal desire. It is hyper-local, incredibly convenient, and backed with service. MY Market will provide snacks to meal kit options from local farms and restaurants. It will offer the opportunity to pick up ready-made, healthy meals after work to take home to feed families – relieving the burden of preparing meals and allowing more time to enjoy them together. This amenity will leave employees feeling energetic, well-fed, and hydrated and maximize the use of their time after leaving the office.

The most encompassing wellbeing amenity is the Whole Family Care Center which provides intergenerational daycare services for the care of children, partners, elders, and pets, steps away from your workspace. This supportive service unifies the essential aspects of an employee’s life, simultaneously relieving the stress of finding care for a loved one while strengthening bonds. More than one in ten adults caring for a child under eighteen also care for an elder. As the sandwich generation experiences this stage of life, services to support them become essential for their continued wellbeing. A concierge service is available to assist in planning events, running errands, navigating healthcare needs, or organizing a service provided at home. Additional education and programs will enhance the appeal and give a strong reason for visiting the Center regularly.

When creating, planning, or implementing a new amenity, the focus should be from the employee perspective – reflecting the statement of Think-Feel-Do concerning physical, emotional, social, and cognitive wellness. A spectrum of supportive amenities can be enacted in the workplace and should be aligned with the needs of its employee population to create a supportive workplace experience. Employee wellbeing is gaining momentum, and there’s an increasing expectation that the employer has the responsibility to support the entirety of the employee experience, The Whole Experience.

Here’s what our jurors had to say about JLL’s submission:

  • “What I like about the strategy in this project is that they understand how community plays a big part in amenity spaces for companies.”
  • “I love this concept of a farmer’s market kind of space within an office.”
  • “Anything that lets me visit my kids at work is huge and that makes things easier – it’s a really big deal. I love the look, to be integrating these two things together makes sense. This is a nice concept.”

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