Tour Laserfiche’s Long Beach Headquarters Designed By Studio One Eleven

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Emma Weckerling
Emma Weckerling
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The new Laserfiche headquarters by Studio One Eleven was inspired by mid-century architect Edward Killingsworth and will accommodate the company’s rapid growth by 2025.

Laserfiche Long Beach CA

Project Overview:

  • Design Firm: Laserfiche
  • Client: Studio One Eleven
  • Completion Date: May 2022
  • Location: Long Beach, CA, USA
  • Size: 102,840 sq ft
  • Certifications: LEED Gold
  • Population: 550 fulltime / 750 hybrid

Laserfiche is a leading global provider of business process and information management software, with its headquarters based in Long Beach, California. Studio One Eleven will be designing their new creative-office campus as part of the renaissance of the creative-office corridor in the Bixby Knolls neighborhood of Long Beach. The new headquarters will accommodate the company’s rapid growth, with employees projected to double from 300 to 600 by the year 2025. The office design will be inspired by the likes of mid-century architect Edward Killingsworth, who was also based in Long Beach.

On Long Beach Boulevard near the San Diego Freeway, the Mid-Century-Modern-inspired landmark will be visible to over a half a million motorists daily. It will be Laserfiche’s fourth structure in the area, solidifying a growing campus. It also converts an underutilized site originally designed for oil extraction into a more sustainable use.

Laserfiche Long Beach CA stairs

Some key design elements as determined through a thorough programming exercise between the design team and Laserfiche’s staff:

  • Mid-Century-Inspired: Studio One Eleven’s design reflects a landmark garden-office building — directly across the street — by noted Mid-Century architect Edward Killingsworth. Studio One Eleven mirrored the massing of the building, stacking it vertically and sliding forms horizontally to create shade and multiple outdoor spaces.
  • Space Configuration: The design shifts the service core – typically in the center of an office building – to the outer western edge. This allows for a more contiguous workspace and a communal environment. The solid core also serves to block unwanted western solar heat gain.
  • Sustainability: To meet the staff’s operational and programming needs, some of the design team’s top priorities were connections to natural light, nature and support of physical fitness. The current design underway incorporates 100% access to daylight while minimizing glare on the south and east sides with exterior shading. The upper floors on the south side extend over the ground floor to prevent increased solar heat gain in the summer. This, tied in with a high performance VRF system directly contributes to a 24% increase in efficiency beyond the LEED baseline supporting LEED Gold Certification.
  • Health and Wellness: Office-based lifestyles can render 90% of time spent indoors which plays a major role on mental and physical wellbeing. To support a healthy work environment, the Laserfiche team is pursuing WELL Platinum certification. Design strategies include increased ventilation, high performance air filters, and a wide variety of indoor and outdoor restoration spaces dedicated to decrease stress and enhance productivity.

Laserfiche Long Beach CA lobby

Project Planning

The c-suite was heavily involved in planning but at the same time, there was a significant outreach to the entire company. It’s fair to say that the building is a reflection of the entire company’s values and culture.

Studio One Eleven worked closely with a representative from every department within the company to provide input on the design. The company has an extensive number of clubs, i.e. chess, running, biking, yoga. They made sure that the building would successfully accommodate the needs of each club.

Laserfiche Long Beach CA seating area

In order to accommodate all Laserfiche employees located globally, annually at the HQ, Studio One Eleven designed the commissary with multiple garage doors to enlarge the space by utilizing the outdoors, essentially creating a flexible environment. The project has a significant amount of outdoor open space including decks on every floor, an outdoor commissary, as well as a paseo between the garage and the ground floor that can accomodate food trucks and musicians for special events. All of these places contribute to a rich and varied work environment.

Laserfiche Long Beach CA exterior

Project Details & Products

The Laserfiche office features indoor and outdoor spaces at the ground level and on every floor. Indoor there are MOB spaces that facilitate collaborative brainstorming activities. Two of these meeting spaces have dramatic double height spaces. One located at the entry provides for a two story “outdoor porch” and lobby with a tranquility pond with koi. The second location is at the “Skylab” positioned on the top floor with views of downtown Long Beach, the Pacific Ocean and Palos Verdes Penninsula. The Skylab is a flexible ideation space for employee teams and serves as a beacon to the 500,000 motorists traveling on the 405 Frwy daily.

Amenities spaces include a catered kitchen where employees get free daily lunches, which spills out into an outdoor courtyard. Privacy nooks for focused work, and communal kitchen are on every floor which encourages chance encounters and the option to work at benches and stools, offering a variety of ways to work.

Kitchen area


  • Hydraulic Elevator – Schindler
  • Door Hardware – Allegion
  • Car Charges – ClipperCreek
  • Wall louvers – B&C Awnings
  • Smoke Containment – Smoke Guard
  • Overhead doors and grilles – Renlita doors
  • Overheard Coiling Doors – Lawrence Doors
  • Generator – Cummins Inc.
  • Glass and Glazing – Vitro
  • Storefront – Arcadia
  • Pavers – Eco and Hanover
  • Roofing – Quick Shield SWD Urethane
  • Toilet Accessories – ASI
  • Fire Door – WON door
  • Linear Metal Ceilings – USG Ceilings Plus
  • Stair Tread inserts – Wooster Products
  • Interior/Exterior Paint – Sherwin Williams
  • EFIS – Dryvit
  • Sunshade storefront – Arcadia
  • CMU – ORCO block
  • Site Bike Racks – Landscape Forms
  • Bike Room – Dero
  • Intumescent paint – Carboline
  • Acoustic Wall/Ceiling Panels – Armstrong Tectum panels
  • Perimeter fences and gates – Opus Panels
  • anti-graffiti coating – GSS systems
  • Metal planters – Tournesol
  • Concrete benches – QCP
  • High Performance coating – PCI coatings

view of patio


  • Tivoli
  • Vista Professional
  • Evenlite
  • Columbia Lighting
  • Lucifer Lighting
  • Prudential Lighting
  • Litecontrol
  • CAlight
  • BK Lighting

Plumbing Fixtures:

  • Josam
  • Symmons
  • Jay R Smith Manufacturing Co.
  • Kohler Faucets
  • Jensen Precast

roof patio


  • Sub-grade – Tremco
  • Metal Panels – Grace Ultra
  • EFIS: Proprietary

Gyp Sheathing:

  • Georgia Pacific – Dens Glass
  • National Gypsum Company – Shaft Wall assemblies
  • Cemco
  • Ramset
  • Grabber – Screws

Metal Panels:

  • EVO
  • Metal Panel insulation – Rockwool

outdoor seating

Project Summary

According to Chris Wacker, Laserfiche CEO at their recent ribbon cutting ceremony, “We have abandoned the traditional vertical office building paradigm, emblematic of individual aspiration, for a horizontal environment where connections are fostered and relationships built and we’ve implemented ideas from our products into the design of the building we know that process automation makes life easier. It removes the bottlenecks and impediments to fluid operations, promotes efficiency and allows organization to thrive. This building’s open design does the same thing. It enhances the free-flowing information making our lives simpler and more creative.”

“This building is the future of work. People sharing spaces in the ways most productive for them. As we learned over the past two years, that makes the most productive for the company and the people that use our products. Just as Laserfiche is dedicated to helping people turn their data into digital assets, this building helps Laserfiche maximize the potential of its people. Laserfiche digital transformation increases your people power by eliminating the unproductive and focusing on the creative, and that’s what this building does. It’s a hybrid workspace for a hybrid workforce.”

Photography credit

Copyright Paul Vu

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