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Ann Hoffman

Specializing in interiors strategies and strategic planning for the corporate built environment, Ann’s focus is on the client's needs, interactions, and vision. Ann ensures that the client's expectations are well defined and met, if not exceeded. She brings an enthusiasm for innovation to her assignments that challenges the static and strives to be better. Her work as a facilities manager, retail planner, and period designer bring a depth of understanding to design challenges. As a project leader, her experience includes master planning for a 73-building site, strategic planning for a ten year roll out of capital improvements, Corporate Standards Programs for pharmaceutical, legal, and finance entities, and workplace protocols for Fortune 500 companies. Her work includes design projects in India and Morocco. She is highly respected by her clients and staff for being a leader and an innovative problem solver.

Hybrid is Hard. Are Companies Ready for the New Role Demands?

FCA's Ann Hoffman and Rachel Howren explore how workplace roles are changing in response to hybrid work. 

The Hybrid Workplace: How is it Measured and What is the New Basis for Data?

Ann Hoffman of FCA shares tips for measuring the hybrid workplace and the new performance metrics we should consider.   

The Crucial Role of Furniture in Hybrid Workplace Design

FCA's Ann Hoffman shares the news rules to follow when designing and selecting furniture for the hybrid workplace. 

The New Workplace Formula: Positivity, Mindfulness, Community, Vibrancy, Identity and Purpose

Ann Hoffman of FCA explores why positivity, mindfulness, community, vibrancy, identity and purpose create a winning formula for the new workplace.

The Four Pillars of Today’s Workplace Design

Francis Cauffman Architects' Ann Hoffman shares the four pillars of transformation management to help better understand and prepare for the return to the office.

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