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Brady Mick

Brady Mick is an architect, client leader, and workplace strategist at BHDP Architecture. He provides design expertise in strategic design, culture, social dynamics, work process, and change alignment.

Behavior by Design: Driving Design Transformation

This is the second installment of a bimonthly series on the growth, value and future of Design for People. The intent is to explore and discover the impact of behaviors, habits and patterns of people in the design of environments.

Designing for Behavior

BHDP Architecture's Brady Mick's first article of a bimonthly series on the growth, value, and future of design for people. The series intends to explore and discover the impact of behavior, habits, and patterns of people in the design of environments.

Charretting for Results

Brady Mick, Samantha Delabar, and Meredith Payne of BHDP Architecture discuss how design strategists and business leaders must learn to effectively work together to...

Defining Privacy for the Future of Workspace Design

How we can work to find the right balance between privacy and collaboration.

Thinking Outside the Change Management Box

How to make your workplace transition more successful.

The 100% Unassigned Workplace: Is It Good or Bad?

Find out how 100 percent unassigned workplaces affect processes, efficiency, and density concerns.

Complexity as an Advantage in Workplace Strategy

How businesses can recognize the significance of the science behind complexity and use it to create more customized environments.

Death of the Cubicle

An effective, cost-efficient work environment is an essential consideration for most businesses. So it comes as no surprise cubicle workstations have dominated office design for decades. Yet imagine entering an office where cubicles never really caught on...

4 Factors to Designing Workspaces for People’s Behaviors

Workplace design needs a new infusion of knowledge and wisdom. The future in achieving the best use of space requires entry into a realm that is not so easily quantified: namely, human behavior.

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