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Jodi Williams

Jodi Williams, AICP, LEED AP ID+C, Prosci, Fitwel Ambassador Principal, CallisonRTKL Jodi brings over 20 years of experience in workplace strategy, facility planning, and change management. She leads strategic planning efforts for public and private sector clients and has been a featured speaker at numerous industry events.

Clarity, Consistency, and Communication Within Change Management

Jodi Williams & Maggie Willis of CallisonRTKL break down how successful change management can help your organization foster clarity, equity, and consistency in communication.

Self-Care for the Workplace

CallisonRTKL's Jim Henry and Jodi Williams share a few areas of self-care that will edge into the workplace more effectively this year.

Applying a Holistic, Health-Focused Design Approach to Built Environments

CallisonRTKL's Jodi Williams shares how using health-focused design can create stronger and more resilient built environments.

Whine and Cheese: Change Management Isn’t Always Just About Giving Up Your Office

Jodi Williams and Stefana Scinta, CallisonRTKL’s top Workplace Strategists and 'Change Management Punching Bags', share their most memorable stories about helping clients prepare for and...

Workplace of the Future, Part 5: Conclusions

This is the fifth and final article in our series on the Workplace of the Future. The first article featured A Brief History of...

Attributes of Buildings of the Future and Their Impact on Workplace Design

When it comes to buildings of the future, a few themes dominate the next ten and twenty-five years. Plus we'll explore their impact on workplace design.

How Will We Commute to the Workplace of the Future?

The third installment of our series of articles on the future of work.

What Changes in the Workforce Mean for the Future of Workplace Design

We talk a lot about the workplace of the future, but what about the workers in it?

A Brief History of the Workplace of the Future

The first in a series of articles exploring predictions about the workplace of the future.

Four Key Themes from the CoreNet Global 2016 North American Summit

Lessons learned from the CRE community, Rocky, and Ben Franklin.

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