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Workplace Design Roles Are Evolving To Help Clients Find Their Way

M Moser's Steve Gale shares why the future of work may turn out to be different, and why we need new skills to design the next generation of workplaces.

How Roles in Workplace Interior Design Have Changed

Ashley Hasse of Ashley David Design explores how designers have adapted to think, create, and design differently in the fluid new world of work.

Remote Work is Just E-Commerce Déjà Vu All Over Again

Perkins&Will’s Jane Greenthal explores the parallels between the retail industry and workplace strategy and shares six key takeaways.

When Building Tomorrow’s Workforce, Consider L.E.G.O.

How do we prepare our organizations and workforce to properly function, thrive, and seek fulfillment in a context of constant change and flux?

Why ESG Should Influence How We Design Spaces

Erica Godun, Ware Malcomb explores how ESG can have a broad, positive impact on our spaces as we expand design possibilities to include more than the physical space.

How Selfless Collaboration Elevates Design

NELSON Worldwide's Haril Pandya explores the importance of selfless collaboration in A&D to continue to elevate our industry. 

Navigating The Complexity Of The Hybrid Workplace Design Process

Stantec's Michelle Reyman explores how to manage the variety of specialists we often rely on to develop a cohesive hybrid workplace experience.

The Value of the Invisible in Workplace Design

SmithGroup's Dennis Daisey and Nancy Kohout explore the invisible elements and their value in healthy workplace design. 

Creating Office Environments That Evoke Health & Happiness

Brendan Beachler, Sanjeev Patel, and Claire Zambrano of Duda|Paine share how to design offices that offer a healthy and happy work experience. Creating a happy...

Designing for Healthy, Happy Workplaces

Lizzie Gerock of Gresham Smith explores the complexities and solutions of a successful, sustainable, and happy workplace.

Beyond Physical Space: Programming Strategies For A Happy Workplace

Melissa Pesci and Amin Mojtahedi of HGA surveyed their clients to understand what keeps their employees productive and happy to return to the office and share six scalable ideas.

Net Positive Energy For People

Stantec's David Martin explores how the office could send us home energized and inspired. No place, perhaps, was quite so disrupted by the COVID 19...

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