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Tips for Designing Wellness Spaces at Work

There's no doubt that wellness spaces are important. Tonya Dybdahl shares some helpful tips for how to effectively implement them in the workplace. 

The Impact of Design on Cultural Consciousness

Tarkett’s latest CEU, Altered States: The Future of Consciousness, is ideal for any team, any employee. You'll leave refreshed and ready to take on the universe! 

12 Days of Trends: The Future of The Frictionless Environment

Bonus Trend: 2020 will bring spaces that utilize technology to truly save time and improve the work environment.  

12 Days of Trends: The Physical Environment Works For Everyone

Bonus Trend: The digitally enabled workplace serves up an ever-wider range of spaces and experiences to suit our cognitive diversity and stimulate our senses.

12 Days of Trends: The Autonomous Workplace

Trend 12 of 12: Why we need to design space that supports freedom of movement and is designed to operate without direct human control.

12 Days of Trends: Biomimicry and Circularity

Trend 11 of 12: Biophilia and natural elements are important in the workplace. But often the view counts as much, if not more.

12 Days of Trends: Demographic Inclusion

Trend 10 of 12: To truly be inclusive, we need to create environments that address the needs of this increasingly diverse workforce.

12 Days of Trends: Gig Pool / Just-in-Time Staffing

Kay Sargent believes that as labor shortages intensify, companies will increasingly consider part-time workers to meet current and future staffing demands.

Coworking Space Development Trends to Expect in 2020

Here are the six of the most important trends shaping coworking spaces as we head into 2020.

12 Days of Trends: A Focus on Creating Better, More Human Spaces

Trend 8 of 12: Domino Risch believes focusing on people will we create better, more human places that allow people to thrive.

12 Days of Trends: Wearable Technology

Trend 7 of 12: Wearable technology enables employee productivity, and therefore satisfaction, by taking away the mundane responsibilities of everyday office culture.

A New Decade Introduces New Lighting Solutions For Human Comfort

Focal Point, LLC shares the 2020 lighting trends we can expect to see permeate commercial environments and propel changes in the workplace.

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