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Adapting to Change Using the Super-Nucleus Model


Even under what might be considered “normal” circumstances, the Super-Nucleus model is a logical, rational leadership system that can better organize large corporations. The model could enable them to adapt to a variety of situations and conditions; thus, the biological metaphor.

Go One Step Further with Virtual Offices


When you set up a company, it can be a headache looking for offices to rent. Will the space be big enough for what you want to use it for? Are you committing on an office let that is too expensive and too long-term to be of any good to you?

5 Stages of Flexwork Adoption


Flexwork enables employees to choose how, when, and where they do their best work. This new way of working shifts the focus from management-directed, site-specific ways of working to team-directed approaches where compensation is based on work outcomes instead of time spent.