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NeoCon 2020: Turn Excitement into Sales

Have an exciting product, service, or solution that will be showcased at NeoCon 2020? To perfectly compliment the guaranteed excitement built through smart WDM editorial, join us in directing attendees where to go and what to see all while helping YOU drive the results you seek.
Total Investment $1,295 net
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Project Profiles (with embedded video option)

Have you been a part of a truly innovative project and captured the outcomes in a comprehensive, not self-promotional video? We would like to share that story far and wide with extra visibility through our email and social media platforms. Requires pre-qualification from WDM edit board.
Starting at $500/project
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Product, Service or Solution Profiles

Ideal for new product launches or re-promotion of legendary solutions, we capture all of the pertinent information to begin the lead gen process and generate excitement.
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Executive Summary - White Paper Booster

Have meaningful research findings or a highly relevant new white paper? Explore collaborating on an executive summary that is shared beyond your usual networks.
Maximum 1 per month. By invite only.
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Custom Case Studies - Written and Video

The WDM team will bring together key thought leaders to fully explore the issues driving an innovative project of your choosing. You’ll be positioned as a thought leader on the subjects we’ll explore within the context of the featured project, specifically, and with workplace innovation in general.
Starting at $10,000
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