Sustainability Spotlight On Spacestor’s Verandas

Meet Verandas by Spacestor. An engineered architectural room system that is inherently sustainable and is curated for the future.

As the office landscape changes, Verandas’ versatility offers the flexibility to change easily.

WDM initiated our Sustainability Spotlight feature to shine the light on the companies who embrace providing products that move our industry forward with respect to the issues around climate change, protection of our natural resources and environment, and providing better ways to design and fabricate furniture solutions that move the needle forward. As a company, Spacestor has a strong commitment to sustainability and we are excited to share their most recent product offering with our readers.

While issues of climate change and sustainability are front and center as world leaders gathered for the G20 in Rome and Glasgow for COP26 summit, companies like Spacestor are designing and building products that contribute to these efforts to make things better across our industry.

A conceptual image of Verandas – a sustainable, flexible opportunity for today’s workspaces.

As proof and reward for their efforts, Verandas, their recently introduced engineered architectural room system is a forward-thinking solution for today’s offices. Even better, Verandas has recently met The International Living Future Institute’s DECLARE certification. A glance at the certification shows the complexity of meeting this requirement. Declare labels give complete information on a product’s material ingredient, material sourcing and life cycle information. Designers are increasingly seeking products that meet more stringent sustainability standards, and their clients are more open to finding design solutions for their facilities that incorporate more sustainable features.

Meet Verandas. An engineered architectural room system that is inherently sustainable, incorporates massive design choice and is curated for the future. Materials have been sourced carefully and innovation has been applied to create unique and patented sustainable solutions.

Spacestor’s overall position on sustainability is something companies can feel good about specifying again – in the new paradigm employees are more aware and demanding more accountability on the design and material used in their workplace – especially as it relates to health, wellbeing, corporate responsibility. The vast majority of our products are ‘sustainable by design’, e.g. they’re inherently flexible so can be reused time and time again. However, they’re working on a number of initiatives to further improve the materials themselves, as well as providing transparent product declarations for designers, so they can have peace of mind they’re designing responsibly.

Create a quiet corner for contemplation with Verandas.

So, what are the features that make Verandas unique in the market? Materiality and Flexibility are key to making this product a viable solution for the offices being reconfigured and built out today. As the return to the workplace is a constantly evolving proposition, having solutions in place that can meet needs that seem to change as companies experiment with what type of spaces will meet the immediate requirements of their employees, yet be re-deployed and moved about as they figure out what may be needed as workstyles emerge out of these experimental times.

Spacestor’s research and feedback from customers indicates that office space will now be more focused on the activities or work types employees want to use the office for. They also want to find areas for quiet and respite – which may be informed by their months long WFH experience working amid homeschooling children, pets, in less-than-optimal workspaces from the kitchen table to a corner of the bedroom. The Spacestor design team incorporates all those options into not only the choice of materials but extremely customizable choice of configurations.

Need a place to sit and think, or place to collaborate with your team? Verandas can do that!

Meet informally in a well-defined spot within the open space.
Or create a more private space for a meeting – Verandas has the elements to make a meeting space to meet any need.

According to Spacestor, meeting spaces will be the draw as companies come up with the game plan for programming that entice workers back. People have had optimized environments at home, we need to show we can provide for every need just as well in the workplace.

The system comes with an AV rig, recognizing that most meeting will be hybrid. They’re also working on solutions to make the experience even more equitable. Room-booking systems, UV filters and smoke detectors can also be fitted through the unique future-proof MEP design.

Designers can utilize Spacestor’s interactive specification tool in order to put together the right solution for any project. Additionally there is a vast array of materials and finishes to choose from. Spacestor has also made it very easy to connect with a representative or get a quote.

Another view of Verandas’ versatility on the new work environment.

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