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Living Buildings Are On The Way

The next iteration of biophilic design will center on living buildings, such as green spaces that symbiose with the natural environment.

New Study Shows Managers Are Changing Their Minds About The Hybrid Work Model

An astounding 73% of managers now feel that giving employees flexibility leads to increased productivity.

Will The Cascade Of Bank Collapses Break The Coworking Industry?

Allwork.Space explains how the recent bank failings will likely impact the flexible space sector.

75% Of Business Leaders Lack Data Needed For Crucial CRE Decisions

Three out of four business leaders say they lack utilization and space data to make informed decisions about their commercial real estate/workplace needs, but this is exactly the data that they need in order to retain employees.

Four Days Is Enough

Allwork.Space reports that one new UK study might help convince companies that a four-day workweek is the way of the future.

3 Steps To Build A Three-Dimensional Hybrid Workplace

When implementing modern tools for a hybrid workplace, policies should be established to cover who has access to the metaverse, how it will be used and the type of data collected.

City-Sized Buildings Are On The Way. How Will The Line Change The Future Of Work?

Construction has started on city-sized building The Line. It could be one of the most advanced, high-tech environments that’s ever been designed, but will it be conducive to work success?

Four Secrets To Success For Women In Flex

Women are underrepresented in flexible space leadership. FlexSA’s Jane Sartin shares four career tips for women to advance professionally and empower others along the way.

Coworking Spaces Embrace Luxury To Woo New, Stable Clients

WeWork recently announced its Executive Suite launch — a new offering geared toward law offices, corporate clients, and other firms.

Meta Wants To Fix Ongoing Zoom Fatigue — But You’ll Be Waiting A While

The metaverse is a virtual reality alternative to Zoom, but will it be the key to solving pervasive Zoom fatigue?

Six Steps To Start A Coworking Center In The Metaverse

Creating a coworking center in the metaverse isn’t as complicated as it may seem — it’s the operation that gets tricky.

Meet Flex Space’s More Chaotic Cousin: Gray Spaces

Allwork.Space reports on new research that finds gray space has more than doubled since the onset of the pandemic.

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