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The Role of Connectedness in the Future of Work

Dustin A. Jackson, Ph.D. and BHDP's Samantha Delabar explore ways to rebuild the lost connectedness as workers return to the office.

Thriving in the Fluid Workplace

BHDP's Drew Suszko explores the impact of an increasingly fluid workplace on the workforce and how companies can learn to go with the flow.

Cracking the Code: Design through the Lens of Our Eight Primal Needs

BHDP shares the eight primal needs for companies to consider as we make our return to the workplace.

Drivers of Emotions and Experiential Space Design

Experiential design that has accurately captured the cultural, social, and behavioral characteristics of the people using the space can improve work, life, and engagement.

Creating Inspiring Experiences Through Purposeful Design

When leveraging purposeful design through a balanced approach of informed, empathetic, and exciting, designers can reach a higher level of design.

BHDP’s T. Patrick Donnelly On The New Ways People Are Embracing Work

Bob Fox and T. Patrick Donnelly, Principal, BHDP Architecture discuss the behaviors that will be carried forward coming out of the COVID crisis. 

Creating Communities of Work Post-COVID-19

Patrick Donnelly of BHDP offers some thoughts for how to incorporate community design and improve cohesion in the office - wherever it is. 

Five Futures for the Post-COVID-19 Workplace

BHDP's Drew Suszko shares five future workplace scenarios for corporate real estate post-COVID-19.

Change Leadership and Change Management: There Is a Difference

 Successful implementation of a change management plan requires change leadership skills that smooth the way for all parties when most needed—at the inception.

Work After Place: Technology Will Topple The Traditional Workplace

As the tools changed, the workplace design community has facilitated the transition from a workplace as a fixed destination to a workplace as a fluid experience.

The Case for the Chief (Employee) Experience Officer

As the conversation about the employee experience continues, why not add a Chief Employee Experience Officer to give employees a voice?

Behavior by Design: Agile at Scale

This article is the final in a series of six articles on the growth, value, and future of Design for People. The intent has been to explore and discover the impact of behaviors, habits, and patterns of people in the design of environments.

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