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NeoCon Virtual CEU – Fractal Vision: A Stress-Reductive Approach to the Built Environment

NeoCon Virtual CEU Fractal Vision: A Stress-Reductive Approach to the Built Environment

GCUC NYC Conference

Let's convene in NYC. The largest coworking conference series in the world.

“Give the Buildings Yogurt!” – Alternative Design Podcast by Kimball International

In this episode Podcast Host Kaelynn Reid, Microbiologist Jack Gilbert and Biomaterial Designer Rosie Broadhead discuss the fascinating world of microbiomes in the built environment, and how design can provide health and wellness benefits by leaning into good bacteria. 

Defining and Measuring the Influence of “Resimercial” Design in Today’s Workplace

Amanda Schneider, founder of Contract Consulting Group, shares a sneak peak of the results from their forthcoming study on "resimercial" design.

What We Learned About Learning Styles and Their Impact on Workplace Design

A recap of our most recent Work Design TALK on the important topic of: Learning Styles and Their Impact on Workplace Design.

AI in the Workplace, Work/Life Blur and Other Industry News

This week's roundup features new examples of the built environment's take on work/life blur, new AI in the workplace news and a cool Apple Park video.

CEOs Talk Workplace: Aaron Hurst on His HQ for Pragmatic Optimists

Find out how this CEO created a space where you can have setbacks but the team can reenergize every morning despite how long the day before was.

BNIM Connects People and Nature on a 3,600-Person Cali Campus

From the landscape of the surrounding area to proximity to public transit, the Pacific Center campus works with the surrounding environment.

The Intersection of Public Space and Work, the Rise of the Virtual Workplace and Other Industry News

A&D students from Stanford share a new perspective on public space and work, plus the rise of the virtual workplace and more!

Workplace of the Future, Part 5: Conclusions

This is the fifth and final article in our series on the Workplace of the Future. The first article featured A Brief History of...

Attributes of Buildings of the Future and Their Impact on Workplace Design

When it comes to buildings of the future, a few themes dominate the next ten and twenty-five years. Plus we'll explore their impact on workplace design.

INDEXCanada 2016

IIDEXCanada 2016 is just under a month away and this year’s show is back to help designers and architects adapt to a changing built environment...

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