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Designing to Support Neurodiversity in a Post-Pandemic World

Elsy Studios' Juliana Rini shares seven opportunities to consider when designing a positive experience for neurodivergent employees.

Design for Human Aspirations

Shive-Hattery’s Michelle Jones shares five human aspirations to consider for multigenerational workplaces.

Work Design Flex Virtual Series: The Options – How Will Choice and Flexibility Work?

Join Work Design Magazine to discuss getting back to the office. The Options - How Will Choice and Flexibility Work?

Three Ways Workplace Design Supports a Culture of Trust + Empowerment

EUA's Heather Turner Loth shares why trust and empowerment is the key to creating a lasting value proposition, and in turn employee retention.

My Office is Actually a Barcalounger

How designing for different work modalities can help people do their best work and ultimately become the best versions of themselves.

NeoCon 2019: Seminars That Caught Our Eye – Part 3

The NeoCon 2019 proposals offered an incredible array of topics from all sectors of the industry. Here are a few of the seminars that caught our eye.

Chasing Productivity and Innovation: Can the Workplace Get Us There?

Productivity and innovation are derived through empowering the employee with choice; by architectural transparency and openness; and by providing spaces that disrupt and communicate inspiration and motivation the individual and the team.

NEW! WD TALK in Charlotte NC – Exploring Choice in the Workplace

At last! We're coming to Charlotte NC where we hear there's a lot of exciting and innovative workplace activity. Work Design be concluding our year-long, 8...

Freedom and Choice in the New Workplace

Gary Miciunas explores the behavioral science that may help make more choice in the workplace work for you.

Mobility and Choice Webinar Recap: Your Questions Answered

Highlights from the Q+A following Mark Gilbreath's webinar, "How Mobility and Choice Have Become the New Change Masters."

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