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Resimercial Design: The New Path to Workplace Creativity

How resimercial design could prove a lasting and effective strategy for realizing work environments that are happier, healthier, and more creatively nurturing than those of the past.

Using Workplace Design to Reflect Brand Values

Workplace design is an opportunity to create an environment that demonstrates brand, but it is also a reflection of how a company prioritizes its values.

KFI Studios’ New Product Lines Will Appeal to All Designers

We're excited to share an exclusive look at KFI Studios' new product lines: Roqa, Express Yourself, and their new Voodoo series. These options will appeal to designers across the spectrum of workplace design.

What You Can Do About Your Thermal Comfort At Work

Whether you’re unable to make systemic changes to your HVAC system, or to call in the troops for a major renovation, you can do more for your thermal comfort at work than you might expect.

Office Design That Helps Employees Enjoy Their Stay

Scott Delano, Design Director at Wright Heerema Architects, explains how experience-centric spaces provide the platform for the modern office.

Why Design Matters

Design is powerful because its effect on our emotional state is strong. Sally Augustin explores how to use your design power wisely.

The Hottest Hacks for Staying Cool at Work

The office in the summer can be hot, but you don’t have to be! Staying productive at work when you’re busy trying to stay cool...

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