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Industry News: Creating Commute-Worthy Office Spaces

How do you make an office space worth commuting to, tweaks to make the office more inviting for returning workers, and more news.

Industry News: Is CRE Out of Touch?

Offices are still necessary, but who will use them and why, companies are under particular pressure to offer an outstanding work experience, and more news.

What Impact Would The 4-Day Workweek Have On Commercial Real Estate?

Underutilized real estate leads to millions of dollars wasted each year; with the 4-day workweek gaining traction, CRE investors and landlords could lose millions in underutilized space.

4 Strategies for Smarter Space Planning in a Distributed Workplace

Erin Sevitz of iOFFICE shares 4 strategies to help make the right space planning decisions for your office.

CoreNet Global 2021 Summit Recap

Couldn't make it to CoreNet 2021 or want to relive the experience? WDM Executive Publisher, Bob Fox, has you covered!

Future of Work: Landlords Need To Start Leveraging the Power of AI, Here’s Why

Powered by tech and with the use of AI, landlords and property teams can expand their boundaries in order to provide corporate tenants with a truly flexible workspace.

iOFFICE Webinar: A Better Way to Manage Employee Moves in the Hybrid Workplace

Where the workplace stands today and where it's headed in 2022.

Industry News: What The Four-Day Workweek Means For CRE

How the idea of a four-day workweek is effecting commercial real estate, office occupancy rates have hit their highest levels, and more news.

Maximum flexibility, minimum hassle: Space as a service (SPaaS)

DIRTT explores Space as a service (SPaaS) and how it will impact the future of work. 

iOFFICE Webinar: A Conversation About the Forces Changing How We Use Office Space

Join us live on August 25, at 11 a.m. CDT, for this roundtable discussion featuring industry peers and partners speaking on the future of the workplace — from the perspective of both traditional and coworking space. 

Industry News: The Impact Of A Hybrid Work Environment On Real Estate

The effects of the hybrid work environment on CRE, embracing texture as part of a welcome back strategy, and more news.

Work Design Flex Virtual Series: Creating a Safe and Healthy Work Environment

Join Work Design Magazine to discuss Creating a Safe and Healthy Work Environment

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