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digital transformation

What the Workplace Can Learn From Broadcast Studio Design

Peter Provost of Provost Studio explores why your office needs a broadcast studio. 

The Future Of Work: Tech Matters More Than You Think

Agile ways of working need to be more purposeful. To achieve this, business leaders must rethink traditional work models, along with their entire operational infrastructure. 

Shaping today’s workplace for the “high-performing” workplace of tomorrow 

COVID-19 has accelerated the future of work—opening bright new pathways to 2025 and beyond for workplace leaders ready for reinvention.

Interview with Ryan Simonetti: How Has The Pandemic Affected Coworking?

Bob Fox chats with competition juror, and CEO and Co-Founder of Convene, Ryan Simonetti, about how COVID-19 is affecting the coworking industry. 

Future Offices Summer 2020 • Online

Future Offices Summer 2020 Online will be your hub to learn from experts at the Best Places to Work, Fastest Growing Brands & Most Innovative Technologies! This year, we...

Digitizing Project Workflow: How To Collaborate In The 21st Century

Bob Fox shares how Facilities Managers can work efficiently as projects become more complex with more and more experts involved.

What is Digital Transformation and What Does it Mean for Workplace Design?

Mary Young explores "digital transformation" and how it's the force driving the next wave of evolution in corporate workspace. 

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