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employee wellness

Industry News: Is the Office the Solution for lonely Gen Zers?

Check out our weekly round up of workplace news from Fortune, WSJ, The Business Insider, and The New York Times.

Ensuring Employee Health And Hygiene In The Workplace

As employees make their return, LIXIL explores what they are expecting in terms of office hygiene.

[Advanced Preview] Return to Work: A Leader’s Guide To Avoiding The Mental Health Crisis

Work Design Magazine is hosting a VERY IMPORTANT series of 20-minute video interviews with Rex Miller and Dr. Jeffrey Jernigan. This three part video...

Move Over Stress: An Engaged Workplace is Set to Perform

What role does the physical workplace play in stress and could Burnout Syndrome be another ingredient in the discouraging this topic?

Thoughtful Design Methods to Foster the Wellness-Minded Workplace

How does intentional design contribute to wellness-minded workplace and the WELL Building Standard’s concepts of building performance?

Amenities with Meaning: What the Modern Marketplace Demands

Today’s workforce is more health aware than ever before and they're telling us that wellbeing at work is no longer a ‘nice to have’, but a ‘must have’.

Keyboard Placement and Sitting “Straight” Are Killing Our Backs

Jean Couch, posture advisor to Google, Stanford University, Kaiser Permanente, and Brightday, offers a few ergonomic tips that companies rolling out wellness programs can offer to their workforces.

Good Office Design Reduces the Hidden Costs of Healthcare

While healthcare spending may seem unmanageable, reducing the “hidden costs” of healthcare is under your control.

Ergonomic Design Flaws in the Office Environment

An office designed with ergonomics in mind will not only increase employee productivity, but also foster employee wellness overall.

Why Coworking is an Integral Part of Corporate Real Estate, and Other Industry News

Corporate real estate giants are currently entering the flexible office space sector, tenants can now get a feel for a new office space before the first brick is laid, and more news from around the web.

The Organic Workspace of EarthCam’s Headquarters in New Jersey

EarthCam's new headquarters feature floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights that bring the outdoors in and provide natural light to the open, organic work spaces throughout the building.

The Biology Behind Productivity: Why Lighting Plays a Critical Office Role

Renovating or moving your office? Careful consideration of lighting can greatly impact the overall health and happiness of employees. 

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