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Drivers of Emotions and Experiential Space Design

Experiential design that has accurately captured the cultural, social, and behavioral characteristics of the people using the space can improve work, life, and engagement.

The Employee Experience: Driving Innovation

Will the office remain the same as we return to work, or will we use this incredible opportunity to examine what can be different?

The Great Outdoors: Driving Organizational Success Through Meaningful Office Design

How to create meaningful outdoor space that will have long lasting impacts on both the organization and the community.

Purpose Begets Engagement

While you can’t create engagement, you can create meaning for every single job. If you do, engagement will follow.

People First: Embracing Your Whole Self in the People-Centric Workplace

In an effort to support workplace wellness, we must encourage people to express their non-work selves to create people-centric workplaces. 

Moving Beyond Open Plan Spaces

Kay Sargent explores why so many companies are still using outdated planning approaches that no longer suit their employees’ needs.

Putting People’s Health at the Center of Design

How does the WELL Building Standard's holistic approach of addressing behavior, operations, and design that promote healthy work environments, apply to you?

How Instagram is Influencing Design, that Google Memo and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of industry news includes Instagram's impact on how we design spaces, that Google memo and other news from around the web.

WORK 2.0 London

Work 2.0 is Europe’s definitive work, wellbeing and office tech event. It will develop a shared language across the departments of HR, Property and...

Agile Workplace Conference (AWC) – Washington, DC

The 6th Annual Agile Workplace Conference is back in Washington, DC! Presented by Innovation comes in many forms, especially within the context of the evolving workplace....

Linking Health and Human Performance to the Built Environment

Leigh Stringer explains the importance of Harvard's Health and Human Performance Index.

Community Design for the Workplace

Great communities engage their citizens, and great companies engage their people. How to consider the various needs and expectations of your employees when designing a new workplace.

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