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Bring Your Biophilic Design Aspirations to Life with Garden On The Wall

These long-lasting, maintenance-free gardens require no water, misting, irrigation, light, or soil, yet retain a vibrant, fresh-cut look and feel for 7-10 years.

NeoConnect: Daylight and Views Effect on the Workplace

WDM connects with Brent Protzman of Lutron Electronics to discuss the importance of lighting design in creating pleasant and productive workspaces.

Why Property Owners Need To Start Thinking About Public Health

The pandemic has shown us that we don’t have enough ‘healthy buildings’. Eden Health’s Matt McCambridge believes that property owners are now in the business of public health, and must act accordingly.

Certified WELL: The ROI of a Healthy Office

Jennifer Walton of Hendy shares how to turn crisis into an opportunity to improve wellness in the workplace.

Working Outside The Box Post-COVID-19

If social distancing and remote work are to remain, it will have a profound impact on how we occupy space and how we work together moving forward.

How Architecture Can Defend Us From Germs, Bacteria, And Viruses Like COVID-19

Architects can create healthy buildings by making smart choices about the surfaces that we choose and the detailing we include in our projects.

Well, Fit and Feeling Young: Workplaces Get Active

By incorporating active design solutions into the office, employers can count on a bump in productivity, while employees get the quality-of-life enhancements they seek.

Pragmatic Wellness Interventions to Existing Workspaces

Neil Ginty of William Duff Architects shares simple design solutions to create a workplace that can become an environment wherein health and wellness are nurtured.

Corporations are (Their) People

PLASTARC explores how the A&D community, through policy and thoughtful design, can build workplaces and cultures that allow us to both do well and do good.

Evidence Transcends Trend In Workplace Well-Being

It's easy to follow fads when it comes to workspace design. Perkins and Will's Paula McEvoy explores how an evidence-based approach to design using peer-reviewed research findings will result in built environments with substantial impacts on the occupants' well-being. 

Wellness Programs Average a 6:1 ROI

How can the workplace support the well-being of its occupants? Jennifer Walton, principal at H. Hendy Associates, provides seven common-sense wellness strategies that boost can the overall health of employees.

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