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flexible space

The Return to Office Trade-Off

RSP’s Alissa Franconi and Christine Shaw explain how top workplaces are using much more than mandates and financial incentives to help employees embrace the return to office—they’re offering a “Return on Commute.”

The Four Pillars of Reimagining the Workplace

Kristen Larkin and Elma Milanovic of FitzGerald share the four pillars that will help organizations reimagine their workplaces to meet the needs of today.

Take a Tour of Miro’s Amsterdam Offices by M Moser

M Moser Associates gives Miro a dynamic space where the team can socialize, collaborate, experiment, and learn.

Diverse Voices & Powerful Narratives in the Workplace

Beth Novitsky of Gensler explores three ways to tell a more inclusive story in the workplace. 

Industry News: Inclusive Restroom Design

Inclusive restrooms that celebrate the diversity of their users, the return to office has failed in Seattle, and more news from around the web.

FCA Designs A Cutting Edge Flexible Workspace For GSK

The new GSK Office features unassigned seating as well as a variety of settings to accommodate various individual modes of working.

How Net Zero Targets Affect Your Office Buildings And The Future Of Work

Jonathan Price explores the requirements for net zero targets in the UK and how this will impact flexible space operators.

How To Design A Flexible Workspace That Supports Wellness

Wellness is “front and centre” of the flexible work ecosystem’s consciousness right now. Allwork.Space explores why it's important and how to achieve it.

What is a Sustainable Workplace?

Daniel Perlin of HUSH explores how to create a sustainable workplace, where we help each other and the planet thrive.

2022 Workplace Trends: Coworking Megatrends

GCUC's Liz Elam shares the coworking trends that she sees coming in 2022.

Six Ways The Pandemic Is Impacting Flexible Space

A recent virtual roundtable featuring specialists from flexible space and technology provided a bird’s eye view of the current situation and its impact on flexible workspace.

Here’s What The Future Holds For CRE Landlords And Flexible Space Operators

A recent webinar from essensy and Bisnow brought together experts from flexible space, CRE, and technology, to examine the current trend of occupiers seeking more flexibility, and whether landlords have the skills and mindset to capitalize on this demand.

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