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Experts Share Best Practices For Embracing The New Era Of Flexible Work

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky spoke with three workplace leaders about how they lead their flexible work environments and the future of flexible work. 

Hybrid Working: A Permanent Shift or a Temporary Trend?

The hybrid working model, which combines remote and in-office work, is being touted as the future of work. But is it fact or fallacy?

Creating a Happy Workplace: Business Environment Design Matters

Brittany Clark and Andrew McQuilkin of BHDP Architecture explore how to design spaces that consider employee work preferences and support them to be at their best.

Is Your Workplace Experience Commute-Worthy?

SmithGroup's Matt Dumich shares some ideas and considerations to enhance the workplace experience and ensure your is office commute-worthy.

The Death Of Full-Time In-Office Work

Allwork.Space says it's time to accept that full-time in-office work is dying. Companies adopting flexible practices will lead the future.

Industry News: The Radical Promise of Truly Flexible Work

Make work “fit” people, not the other way around, why commercial real estate is in trouble, and more news.

5 Tips for Alternative Workspaces 

Tim Gawel of HED shares 5 tips to create flexible, alternative workspaces.  

New Study Shows Managers Are Changing Their Minds About The Hybrid Work Model

An astounding 73% of managers now feel that giving employees flexibility leads to increased productivity.

Keeping the Office Collaboration Alive in The Metaverse

Erin McDannald of Environments explores how metaverse environments will prove to be a versatile solution in hybrid workplaces.

Where Are They Now: SLAM Collaborative’s Mind the Gap

We checked back in with the SLAM Collaborative team to see what they are up to today and how their Next Work Environment Competition submission has evolved since last year.

Hybrid working: What does it really mean?

Hybrid work is hard to define. Suki Reilly of MovePlan explores why each business will need to define how they want to work very differently.

Meet the ‘Lomads’: They’re Local, Flexible, and They’re Coming to a Coworking Space Near You

Flexible hybrid work is giving rise to ‘lomads’ (local nomads) – a group of people who have the option to work across multiple locations...

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