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GCUC North America • Chicago

This April, the GCUC Community is bringing together decision-makers and game-changers in the coworking and flexible workspace industry.

Is Flex the Future?

GCUC's Liz Elam shares why the spaces that will thrive in the future are the ones that help humans connect + some tips to get you off on the right foot.

GCUC United Kingdom

WELCOME TO THE UK'S PREMIER COWORKING EVENT SERIES GCUC will focus on "The Evolution of the Workplace", with expert speakers, leading suppliers and visionaries from...

GCUC Coworking & Flexible Workspace Conference • Seattle IRL

Join GCUC for the largest Coworking & Flexible Workspace Conference IRL, May 17 - 19 in Seattle.

2022 Workplace Trends: Coworking Megatrends

GCUC's Liz Elam shares the coworking trends that she sees coming in 2022.

Coworking and the Global Coworking Conference is Back

GCUC founder, Liz Elam discusses how coworking has prevailed and what the future holds for the industry. 

GCUC NYC Conference

Let's convene in NYC. The largest coworking conference series in the world.

Coworking Is The New Normal, And These Stats Prove It

Despite the negative impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the coworking spaces, the industry is expected to continue growing and thriving in a post-pandemic world.  

Six Ways the Pandemic is Changing Flexible Workspace

From using aggregators to make workspace easier to procure, to converting empty space for better use, here are six ways the pandemic will change the workplace going forward.

Industry News: The Death Of The Office Desk Is Upon Us

Dedicated individual work areas no longer make sense, remote work elements employees will crave when we return to the office, and more news.

Six Ways The Pandemic Is Impacting Flexible Space

A recent virtual roundtable featuring specialists from flexible space and technology provided a bird’s eye view of the current situation and its impact on flexible workspace.

Landlords To Become “Biggest Competitor” To Flexible Space Operators

The virtual edition of GCUC APAC took place last month with one key takeaway being that landlords are expected to become a major competitor — or partner — to flexible space operators.

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