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Creating a Happy Workplace: Business Environment Design Matters

Brittany Clark and Andrew McQuilkin of BHDP Architecture explore how to design spaces that consider employee work preferences and support them to be at their best.

AI Solutions Won’t Solve Workplace Well-Being Woes

Laura Putnam shares why companies may not want to invest in AI-solutions to solve workplace well-being issues and what to do instead.

Creating Office Environments That Evoke Health & Happiness

Brendan Beachler, Sanjeev Patel, and Claire Zambrano of Duda|Paine share how to design offices that offer a healthy and happy work experience. Creating a happy...

Designing for Healthy, Happy Workplaces

Lizzie Gerock of Gresham Smith explores the complexities and solutions of a successful, sustainable, and happy workplace.

Beyond Physical Space: Programming Strategies For A Happy Workplace

Melissa Pesci and Amin Mojtahedi of HGA surveyed their clients to understand what keeps their employees productive and happy to return to the office and share six scalable ideas.

The Human Touch: Four Ways the Workplace is Becoming More Human-Focused

Today, employees are seeking environments that are more mobile, flexible, and personalized. JLL's Workplace Strategy Lead, Bernice Boucher outlines four major ways the workplace is changing for the better. 

Activity-Based Working & Wellness: The Human/Nature Side of the Popular Design Typology

Activity-based working (ABW) has positive impacts on the mental, physical, and social health of the workplace.

The Secret to a Great Workplace? Think of It as a People-Place

Human experience is key to a fulfilling work environment. Ed Nolan of JLL discusses how this principle played out in the company's Chicago office refresh.

How to Create a More Energizing Workplace

Get the scoop from James Stawniczy, a senior wellness consultant for HOK.

CEOs Talk Workplace: Timothy Chi on WeddingWire’s HQ

In this new series, we’re interviewing CEOs to find out how their workplaces support their business goals.

Five Ways to Make Your Office a Happier, More Productive Place

A happy worker means a more productive worker. Here are five ways to make the office a more enjoyable place to work.

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