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2022 Workplace Trends: Technology and Healthcare Influences

Karen Bala of Dyer Brown shares how developments in technology and design for healthcare will influence the workplace in 2022.

“Give the Buildings Yogurt!” – Alternative Design Podcast by Kimball International

In this episode Podcast Host Kaelynn Reid, Microbiologist Jack Gilbert and Biomaterial Designer Rosie Broadhead discuss the fascinating world of microbiomes in the built environment, and how design can provide health and wellness benefits by leaning into good bacteria. 

Applying a Holistic, Health-Focused Design Approach to Built Environments

CallisonRTKL's Jodi Williams shares how using health-focused design can create stronger and more resilient built environments.

Lessons Learned: Designing More Holistic Projects in a Post-Pandemic Era

It is time for the workplace and hospitality industry designers to use healthcare’s evidence-based design process. The healthcare industry has been borrowing trends from the...

Modular Seating That Transitions From Healthcare To Office Life

IOA Furniture Healthcare Seating introduces 30 Square: a modular seating line that is adaptable to any workplace setting.

Healthcare Advancements That Will Redefine Office Design in 2020 And Beyond

There's a major shift coming in the future of healthcare. Jennifer Walton and Susan Dwyer of H. Hendy Associates ask how will all this impact the corporate office?

Good Office Design Reduces the Hidden Costs of Healthcare

While healthcare spending may seem unmanageable, reducing the “hidden costs” of healthcare is under your control.

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