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The Crucial Role of Furniture in Hybrid Workplace Design

FCA's Ann Hoffman shares the news rules to follow when designing and selecting furniture for the hybrid workplace. 

Hospitality Design Cues Make The Return To The Workplace Easier

Darian Lu shares how hospitality influenced design can help create work environments that focus on employee experience and foster community.

NeoCon 2021 • Chicago

Join Us In-Person or Virtually! Hosted at theMART in Chicago, NeoCon 2021 will unite the commercial design community and feature more than 500 leading companies offering new products...

Lessons Learned: Designing More Holistic Projects in a Post-Pandemic Era

It is time for the workplace and hospitality industry designers to use healthcare’s evidence-based design process. The healthcare industry has been borrowing trends from the...

Why HR Should Dabble in Color Theory, and Other Industry News

Why now is the time for HR to consider color, hospitality brands are exploring how shared work spaces might strengthen community ties and bring in additional revenue, and more news.

Capital One’s 2018 Work Environment Survey Results 

Capital One has committed to taking workplace design to a new level, utilizing data and research to ensure that their employees can thrive in their daily work experience.

Office Design That Helps Employees Enjoy Their Stay

Scott Delano, Design Director at Wright Heerema Architects, explains how experience-centric spaces provide the platform for the modern office.

Customer-First Design: Learning from Hospitality, Education, and Retail

While modern workplace environments have become highly specialized, should designers be looking for inspiration from successful organizations in other parts of the economy?

CEOs Talk Workplace – Interview with Convene’s Ryan Simonetti

Convene CEO Ryan Simonetti created a more human-centric office environment with hospitality at its core.

What if You Treated Your Office Like a Hotel (Without the Bedrooms)?

The benefits of taking a hospitality approach to your office space.

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