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human-centered design

Cultural Optimism: Design for Better Performance

Experts from HGA discuss How design can foster better performance, increased resiliency and positive outlooks.

The Cultural Anthropologist Perspective with Melissa Fisher Ep.5.2

In Part Two, Melissa Fisher delves into the dynamic shifts within the modern workplace, urging decision-makers to prioritize employee well-being and foster inclusivity.

Keep The Empathy And The Talent With Human-Centric Design

Cynthia Kantor of JLL Work Dynamics shares how leading companies are building resilience with workplaces designed for employee wellbeing.

The Old Office is Dead. Long Live the Intentionally Human-Centered Office.

Jan Johnson and Kelly Colón share 6 key factors that will enable organizations to migrate from the past office-centric workplace to a human-centered workplace.

Remote Work is Just E-Commerce Déjà Vu All Over Again

Perkins&Will’s Jane Greenthal explores the parallels between the retail industry and workplace strategy and shares six key takeaways.

Power to the People: The Human-Centric Workplace

JLL Consulting's Peter Miscovich explores how to create successful human-centric hybrid workplace programs.

Data-Informed Design for the User Experience at Work

With the right tools, metrics, and processes, Cushing Terrell's Sandi Rudy and Jennifer Moore share how we can develop a better user experience at work.

[WE:binar] Reimagining the Workplace: AI, Immersive Experience, and Augmented Environments

Join WE on March 17 as guest, Andrew Kim presents: Reimaging the work place: AI, immersive experience and augmented environments.

Take A Tour Of Vanderlande’s Human-Centric India HQ Designed By Zyeta

Vanderlande's new space in Pune, India by Zyeta reflects the brand's employee-first work culture.

12 Days of Trends: A Focus on Creating Better, More Human Spaces

Trend 8 of 12: Domino Risch believes focusing on people will we create better, more human places that allow people to thrive.

How AI is Impacting the Workplace Today and Beyond

In honor of our August theme of AI and the Human Experience, HOK's Kay Sargent shares an informative video exploring how AI is impacting work today and beyond. 

Reducing workplace noise with integrated acoustic ceiling and lighting systems

Focal Point, LLC. shares the latest innovations and considerations in designing human-centric environments by increasing acoustic comfort, adding value for companies and comfort for employees.

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