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Industry News: Employers Are Luring Workers Back to the Office—With Plants

Lush gardens and indoor jungles for hybrid workers, designing a welcoming and inclusive workspace, and more news from around the web.

Indoor Air Quality Matters More Than Ever (But Plants Aren’t The Solution)

The COVID-19 pandemic is raising fresh questions around the safety of indoor environments, specifically indoor air quality. 

Create Calm: How Home Office Design Can Help Reduce Stress

From desk position to wall colours, here are 5 easy ways to help ease work-related stress at home.

The Top Sound Absorbing Plants For The Workplace

Consider a few suggestions from interior plantscaping professionals on the plant varieties and placements they recommend for creating sound privacy in workspaces. 

Higher Productivity Out Of Thin Air

An investment in air quality health now will pay ongoing dividends in productivity and overall well-being.

Ask What Your Workspace Can Do for You, And Other Industry News

Our spaces shape us just as we shape them, why retailers and coworking spaces are continuing to comingle, and more industry news.

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