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outdoor workspaces

Working Outside: A Critical Component in the New Ecosystem of Work

SmithGroup's Michelle Romero and Simone Schoen share tips and inspiration for creating outdoor workspaces.

Designing Welcoming Outdoor Spaces for the Return to the Office

Rob Hutcheson of EDSA explores how to create welcoming outdoor environments that play off the traditional indoor office space.

Industry News: Questions to Consider When Designing Outdoor Workspaces

3 important questions to ask when creating outdoor workspaces, is Gen Z satisfied with remote work, and more news.

Industry News: Outdoor workspaces are having a post-pandemic moment

Many companies are emphasizing their fresh-air digs, how hybrid work has changed the purpose of the office, and more news.

Industry News: Creating Outdoor Spaces To Bring Employees Back

How outdoor workspaces might be the answer to luring employees back, employees are feeling happiness and angst as they return to work, and more news.

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