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NeoConnect: Forging The New Frontier Of Workspace’s Next Normal • Webinar Recap

Here's a recap and some extended Q&A with the panelists from our recent webinar, "Forging the New Frontier of the Workplace's Next Normal" hosted in partnership with NeoCon. 

Survature Software Adds Precision To Evidence-Based Design

Easy to deploy, Survature software captures what people say and how they say it by using a novel science-based digital engagement model.

The Original Meaning of Social Distancing and Why Every Creative Professional Should Know It

Donald Rattner explores the psychology of how social distancing could actually boost the creative effectiveness of the spaces we produce.

My Office is Actually a Barcalounger

How designing for different work modalities can help people do their best work and ultimately become the best versions of themselves.

How To Build Culture Through Office Design, And Other Industry News

Why one of the most powerful ways to cultivate culture is building it—literally—into your workplace, the winners of the Urban Zoo Coworking Space design competition, and more news from around the web.

Why Measuring the Human Condition Results in Better Space Design

The most successful workplace designs are ones that have been developed with a strong and comprehensive people strategy as a foundation.

When the Workplace Feeds Happiness to Employees

Happy, yes; coincidence, no. How workplace design can drive happiness—and in turn productivity. https://player.vimeo.com/video/222007623 Designing heart and soul into an office may sound nebulous but bricks...

How to Create a More Energizing Workplace

Get the scoop from James Stawniczy, a senior wellness consultant for HOK.

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