Survature Software Adds Precision To Evidence-Based Design

Easy to deploy, Survature software captures what people say and how they say it by using a novel science-based digital engagement model.

As the world of workplace has been turned upside down over the past few months, all participants in planning workplace have been thrown a few curveballs in trying to figure out how we get from here – in our home bunkers, back to shared places where people go to work together. There is no roadmap; we are collectively developing that as we work to evaluate the needs of each distinct workplace. Companies vary in size, shape, ethos, location and demographics and sorting through the issues, desires, wants, and needs of their workforce.

Survature, a software platform, is one of the tools that will be helpful as we think forward.

Dr. Jian Huang, CEO of Survature gives us the background information on Survature and how they can help today’s businesses design tomorrow’s workplaces.

Survature is a behavior science platform that can accurately diagnose what people honestly think and the why. Survature captures “what people say” and “how they say it” by using a novel science-based digital engagement model. It is easy to deploy. Just like a survey, but the diagnostic insights are automated and complete. Survature is widely used by decision makers to support their insight needs when making evidence-based decisions.

How will engaging with Survature help companies find out what workplace design solutions will work best for them as they think about the “return to work”?

Engaging with Survature will add unprecedented precision and richness to the information required in evidence-based design. Data science and AI are behind our unique information gathering and analysis tool. We have combined the research expertise in the fields of psychology, design, and computer science to create this powerful, interactive tool to assess respondents’ immediate thoughts on the subject matter of the survey they are participating in. Our behavior enabled analytics provide a two-dimensional view of a situation and help determine key issues that matter most to the respondent.

How has Survature enabled your clients in their decision-making process?

Survature has been shown as one of the most reliable instruments to reveal how people work, what they need, and how they feel. For example, Survature’s AnswerCloud™ provides a scientific process to ask powerful questions in a quick, easy, and user-friendly way – people love it!

The AnswerCloud™ captures “what people say” and “how they say it”, by using a novel digital engagement model to get deeper data about their interaction behavior.

For a brief example to see how it works, here is a demonstration of our interactive technology.

Our partnership with you for the digital screen survey worked really well. Can you give our readers some background information on that project?

Last year in partnership with WDM we conducted a survey on the use of digital screens in the workplace and published re-cap articles. The purpose of the survey was to ascertain not only how people are using digital screens as technology plays an increasingly important role in everyday work, but how those people actually think about the technology they are using.

In retrospect, this becomes even more important as seemingly the whole world has temporarily relocated to remote work, with even more reliance on those tools for not only work but everything from home schooling for pre-K thru post graduates, and everything from binge watching Netflix, to yoga, to birthday parties!

We have become more reliant than ever on our digital screens

The participants include architects, interior designers, strategists, consultants, product manufacturers, facility managers, end users, project managers, furniture dealers, brokers, and HR professionals. The data we collected is compelling. It revealed an urgency that the screen-centric future is already here. No doubt, that is truer today than it was when our survey was completed in May of 2019!

We know that data increasingly informs workplace design. How that data is gathered and applied will be key to providing the next generation of healthy and user centric workplaces. Survature is set up to not only gather the data, but to gauge the thinking behind the responses so that planners and designers can get a more thorough view of what people want as well as what they may need as they return to work. We can’t think of a timelier need for the workplace design community.

The Survature/WDM survey presented interesting findings on screen use.

Interested in our findings? You can find the recap articles on the screen centric future workplace here.

What was the driving idea behind the development of Survature?

Explicit answers to traditional questions suffer many data quality issues. Misleading and careless responses are rampant. Such data creates more problems in evidence-based design than being a solution, regardless for assessment, or requirements definition, concept evaluation, or change management. Better instruments are necessary to gather and evaluate the evidence needed to help designers plan more effective design solutions. 

What are Survature’s key features? 

Precision, speed, and depth when designers need to understand how people work, what they need, and how they feel.

Survature’s Answer Cloud™ technology is organized not only to provide metrics but provide a view into how the respondent evaluated the options.

With the AnswerCloud™ technology, the images appear in randomized order per participant and it’s entirely up to each person which images to ignore, what images to move, and in what order. When they do drag and drop a design into disparate boxes at the bottom, their explicit answers are recorded. The AnswerCloud does more than just record the explicit answers, however. It also records which items got moved first, which next, etc. This is the implicit part of the data that captures survey taking behavior. When combined, the explicit and implicit dimensions of the data provide us with a two-dimensional view of the results — the explicit answers plus the relative priority people place on those answers.

Is there any new technology that is incorporated into the utilization of this service?

Yes. Survature is the world’s only behavior-enable survey instrument

How do you envision end users adopting and using this service to make their workplaces more productive?

As workplace becomes more agile, how does the built-environment integrate with the human-environment at work is a complex question. Survature has been used by high-profile global tech companies to ask extremely hard questions and get powerful and actionable answers.

What do you think are the key benefits of this service in today’s workplace environment?

To reveal how people work, what they need, and how they feel.

What do you think our readers will love about the product or service?

Survature is a novel tool that opens up new possibilities for workplace strategists, planners, and designers to better evaluate their client’s needs for workplace projects.

Tell us about your pricing structure.

Survature is a behavior science platform that supports your data‑enabled decision-making cycle. Pricing is based on the number and type of user seats. All subscriptions include unlimited use of the platform. Enterprise subscriptions include one-on-one data science consultation, support, and coaching.

You have control of the full decision‑making cycle via your dashboard on Our data-science user support is your data partner. We help you at any stage — architecture, design, analytics, decision support and anywhere in‑between.

Request a demo here.

Are there any other unique features that would interest our readers?

Instead of typically spending two to three days on analyzing data, Survature’s automation features in visual analytics help our users shorten that to two hours and get significantly deeper insights.

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