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Is Your Corporate Culture Cultish, and Other Industry News

How corporate culture can sometimes end up looking like something more sinister, a New York office building designed to help give monarch butterflies a place to live, and more news.

The New Mall Tenant Is Your Office, and Other Industry News

Developers are converting closed retail spaces into offices, modern-day landlords are looking at amenities with much more interest than they did before, and more news.

Programming and Research-Based Process: The Genesis for Fostering Playful Work Design Exploration

Jonathan Lopez of Retail Design Collaborative shares how considering three critical aspects of workplace design can foster playful design exploration.

Customer-First Design: Learning from Hospitality, Education, and Retail

While modern workplace environments have become highly specialized, should designers be looking for inspiration from successful organizations in other parts of the economy?

How Employees are Hacking Their Open Plan Offices and Other Industry News

A list of hilarious DIY hacks to help you survive your open plan office, how borrowing from retail design can help create more powerful, influential brand messaging, and more news.

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