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Industry News: The Return of Cellular Office Space

A resurgence of cellular office design, why some in Singapore are reluctant to return to the workplace, and more news from around the web.

Industry News: Get Ready For The Dynamic Workplace

Work from home is here to stay and so is the office, people are finding new ways to beat the work from home blues, and more news.

Industry News: The “Future Of Work” Is Here, Thanks To COVID-19

Corporate leaders are scrambling to develop radical new work strategies, coworking spaces face their day of reckoning, and more news.

How the Move Downtown is Paying off for McDonald’s, and Other Industry News

A year after leaving suburban Chicago, McDonald's is offering data points that confirm the advantages, acoustic properties can have a major impact on how comfortable we find spaces, and more news.

Why People Thrive In Co-Working Spaces, And Other Industry News

Studies that show people who work in co-working spaces are more satisfied and better performers, workers today want to work and play in one place, and more news.

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