Industry News: The “Future Of Work” Is Here, Thanks To COVID-19

Our weekly round up of workplace news from around the web. 

Image via Quartz
  • As the COVID-19 crisis has unfolded, corporate leaders have scrambled to develop radical new strategies. Many of their solutions have been strikingly innovative, reports Quartz.
  • As WeWorks around the world lie empty, coworking spaces face their day of reckoning, says Wired.
  • Ottowa Business Journal shares that while Shopify’s shift to a permanent remote-work model isn’t viable for most companies over the long term, the tech giant’s decision is unlikely to trigger a domino effect of other tenants looking to vacate commercial office space.
  • The Straits Times reports that nine in 10 employees in Singapore want to continue working from home in some capacity, according to a survey of 9,000 respondents from almost 90 companies.
  • Architecture and Design shares how the new post-pandemic era will transform workplace architecture.
  • Industry Announcement: Make sure to check out episode 6 of the Future Offices Podcast featuring WDM Publisher, Bob Fox! Bob and Kevin discuss what’s fueling change in workplace design post-COVID-19.
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