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Is VR Exciting Enough To Actually Change The Future Of Workspaces?

Changes in workspace design through the increased use of developing virtual workspaces are on the horizon, but they depend on employees actually using them.

How Designers Can Set The Stage For A Flexible Future

Mark Adams & Amy Clark of SmithGroup share what's working for their firm and clients as they continue to evolve to meet today and tomorrow’s needs. 

Training and Development: A Valuable Tool in the Return-to-Office Push

As employees transition back to working in the office, HLW's Evan Rusinowitz explores the benefits of improving post-pandemic training and development.

WORKTECH Chicago 2022

Join us in July! WORKTECH22 Chicago is the conference for all those involved in the future of work and the workplace as well as real...

The Crucial Role of Furniture in Hybrid Workplace Design

FCA's Ann Hoffman shares the news rules to follow when designing and selecting furniture for the hybrid workplace. 

3 Must-Haves for Your Digital Workplace Experience

Matt Willmore of Modo shares 3 basic tenets of a successful digital workplace experience.

6 More Important Considerations For Any Office Space

In order to maximize the value of the office as you make your return, WDM Founder Bob Fox shares six more important considerations.

How Data Will Shape the Future of the Office

Jamie Feuerborn of TMA shares how new technologies and data tracking can help designers cultivate sustainable, inclusive, and collaborative workplaces.

2022 Workplace Trends: Technology for Workplace Safety Redirected to Enhance Employee Experience 

PLASTARC's Melissa Marsh shares how health and safety technologies used during the pandemic will be leveraged for optimizing employee experience.

2022 Workplace Trends: Looking Through The Single Pane Of Glass 

Stantec's Robert Manna asks: Can smart buildings really benefit us?

Here’s Why The World Of Work Could Be The Perfect Environment To Introduce The Metaverse To The Masses

The metaverse is where VR and AR could finally get their moment in the Sun, after years of languishing in the tech doldrums.

2022 Workplace Trends: Technology and Healthcare Influences

Karen Bala of Dyer Brown shares how developments in technology and design for healthcare will influence the workplace in 2022.

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