Collaborative Collection by Tarkett


    Perfect for spaces with people returning to shared workspaces, the Collaborative Collection celebrates people coming together to build and create. Born from a communal mark-making process with the Tarkett design team, this portfolio offers an impressive mix of abstract flooring patterns to create artistic and inclusive spaces that encourage teamwork, embrace different work styles and inspire creativity.

    The LVT collection is made with exceptional 32-mil wear layer Contour® construction. Choose from 32 coordinating color options across five textural patterns and two tile sizes (18” x 18” and 12” x 36”):
    • Create Clarity, beautiful, handcrafted layering of transparent brushstrokes (5 colors)
    • Create Emphasis, featuring grounding neutrals to create moments of mindfulness (9 colors)
    • Create Expression, an artisanal interpretation of terrazzo and mosaic, featuring bold shapes and subtle color variations (4 colors)
    • Create Meaning, featuring lower contrasts of color to blend throughout the design (7 colors)
    • Create Together, inspired by the play between layers of brushstrokes (7 colors)

    All LVT options come protected by Techtonic® Technology for best-in-class scratch, scuff and abrasion resistance. For top-of-the-line durability, Contour includes a 32-mil wear layer that resists indentations in high-traffic areas, a core layer that provides perfect balance of function and performance, a fiberglass layer for enhanced dimensional stability and a balancing layer to prevent curling and doming.

    Collaborative also includes several carpet styles developed through the same collaborative mark-making process. Six styles are offered in modular carpet tile, and three of them are also available in Powerbond® hybrid carpet.

    • Create Balance, featuring painterly movement to build restorative and reenergizing spaces (10 colors). Available in three tile sizes and Powerbond hybrid carpet.
    • Create Impact, featuring boldly cut lines and angles to add energy (12 colors). Available in three tile sizes.
    • Create Purpose, showing softly overlapping shapes and lines that support collaborative energy (10 colors). Available in three tile sizes and Powerbond hybrid carpet.
    • Create Space, rendering a subtle handcrafted sensibility that provides a flexible backdrop (10 colors). Available in three tile sizes and Powerbond hybrid carpet.
    • Create Unity, showing a smaller-scale pattern of subtle intersections and organic movement (12 colors). Available in three tile sizes.
    • Create Vision, offering swaths of color across fresh surfaces (12 colors). Available in three tile sizes.

    Additional features of Collaborative carpet:

    – Made with Tarkett’s premium Dynex SD®, a nylon cationic Type 6 yarn that is negatively charged to provide permanent stain resistance
    – Eco-Ensure soil protection, a chemistry with a Cradle to Cradle® Certified Material Health Certificate at the Platinum level

    Further, for durability and ease of cleaning, Powerbond options feature a closed-sell impermeable cushion backing that creates a wall-to-wall moisture shield. Powerbond RS is CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® by Allergy Standards Ltd.

    Sustainability Statement

    Environmental responsibility is a way of doing business at Tarkett. For example, 95% of our raw materials
    are third-party assessed for their impact on human and environmental health based on Cradle to Cradle criteria. Nearly all, 99%, of our flooring solutions have low-VOC emission levels—10x lower than the most stringent world standards. Seventy percent of the company’s raw materials are abundant, rapidly renewable or recyclable, and we operate 14 zero-waste to landfill manufacturing plants globally.

    All Tarkett North America products are free of all Six Classes of harmful chemicals as defined by the Green Science Policy Institute, including ortho-phthalates, PFAS and antimicrobials. Contour LVT includes 30% pre-consumer recycled content and is part of Tarkett’s ReStart® take back and recycling program.

    Also available for the Tarkett Restart program, Collaborative Carpet Tile and Powerbond Hybrid Carpet are ortho-phthalate-free with 95% of raw materials third-party assessed. Powerbond RS hybrid carpet is the world’s first soft-surface flooring to be CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® by Allergy Standards Ltd.

    Health and Wellness Attributes

    The artful designs and soft colors within the Collaborative collection support connectedness and inspire creativity. Tarkett prioritizes material optimization for both human and planet health, contributing to the creation of healthier spaces for current and future generations.

    Key Features
    • Durability—
      • LVT: Techtonic® and 32-mil wear layer for LVT options deliver superior resistance with no scratch whitening;
      • Carpet: Powerbond delivers the durability of hard-surface flooring with the comfort and cushion of carpet, making it perfect for high-traffic spaces that are expected to perform admirably for decades
    • Versatility—This broad collection of coordinating patterns and colorways is designed to remain flexible with the ways we work
    • Sustainability—Part of the ReStart® take back and recycling program; modular carpet tile products available on ethos® Modular with Omnicoat Technology®, a non-PVC backing made with post-consumer recycled PVB and Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver
    • Healthy Materials—Free of all Six Classes of harmful chemicals as defined by the Green Science Policy Institute, including ortho-phthalates, PFAS and antimicrobials
    • Made in USA—Designed and manufactured in Florence, Alabama (LVT) or Dalton, Georgia (carpet); Buy American Act Compliant
    • Acoustic control, helps reduce noise and create calmer environments
    • Moisture control, with Powerbond’s close-cell impermeable cushion and welded seams
    • Hassle-free maintenance, stain resistant technologies help make clean up easy
    Buyer Information
    Where it is manufactured?
    LVT: Florence, Alabama USA; Carpet: Dalton, Georgia USA
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