Contour® luxury vinyl tile by Tarkett


    Design outside the lines. Don’t just push creative boundaries—shatter them. With our broadest selection of original designs, Contour® luxury vinyl tile unleashes your imagination. Each unique abstract is digitally printed in our own facilities, so their colors and patterns can be tailored to your specific project. With Contour’s unmatched Techtonic® protection, 32-mil wear layer and fully recyclable material, we’ll make sure your inspiration leads for years to come.

    Design-forward Contour LVT and technology creates perfectly crafted environments from the ground up, offering versatile and unique colors, patterns and shapes that expand the limits of creativity. With our abstract design options, discover an intense level of depth, detail and sophistication made possible through high-definition digital printing capabilities. Unlike traditional rotogravure-printed flooring, digitally printed abstracts generate patterns beyond the constraints of a rotogravure cylinder—expanding pattern repeats while enabling much higher definition designs.

    Choose from a variety of options. The Contour LVT portfolio includes a wide array of wood, stone and abstract textural patterns—all with a stunningly detailed visual layer protected with Tarkett’s proprietary Techtonic® polyurethane protective coating technology—the best-in-class protection against scratches, scuffs, stains and abrasions. Resisting scratches 40% better than the competition, Tecthonic technology adds rugged protection to a beautiful matte finish, keeping floor surfaces looking better longer.

    For top-of-the-line durability, the Contour construction includes a 32-mil wear layer that resists indentations in high-traffic areas, a core layer that provides perfect balance of function and performance, a fiberglass layer for enhanced dimensional stability and a balancing layer to prevent curling and doming.

    Currently, LVT in the Contour construction comes in new exciting collections, including:

    • Mindful Maker, a collection that brings together the art of traditional craft and our modern, digital world; available in 38 colors and patterns

    • Collaborative, an impressive mix of abstract flooring patterns born from a communal mark-making process with the Tarkett design team; available in 32 color and pattern options

    Sustainability Statement

    Environmental responsibility is a way of doing business at Tarkett. For example, 95% of our raw materials are third-party assessed for their impact on human and environmental health based on Cradle to Cradle criteria. Nearly all, 99%, of our flooring solutions have low-VOC emission levels—10x lower than the most stringent world standards.

    Living up to these expectations, Contour LVT is made in a facility that operates on a closed-loop water system. It’s also free of ortho-phthalates and all Six Classes of harmful chemicals according to the Green Science Policy Institute. Driving the circular economy, Contour construction includes 30% pre-consumer recycled content and is part of Tarkett’s ReStart® take back and recycling program.

    Health and Wellness Attributes

    With low-VOC emissions, Contour is ortho-phthalate free. Artful patterns and soft color palettes support overall sense of well-being within a space.

    Key Features

    • Design Flexibility—with an expansive portfolio of colors and patterns and digitally printing abstracts
    • Available in a variety of colors and textural patterns—including wood, stone, and abstract
    • Versatility—Designers can choose from unique geometric shapes or creating their own tailored colors on some collections
    • Durability—Techtonic® and 32-mil wear layer deliver superior resistance with no scratch whitening
    • Ease of Installation—RollSmart™ roll-on adhesive dries in as little as 15 minutes and allows immediate occupancy
    • Healthy Materials—Free of ortho-phthalates and all Six Classes of harmful chemicals as defined by the Green Science Policy Institute
    • Recyclability—Includes 30% pre-consumer recycled content and can be recycled through Tarkett’s ReStart® program
    • Made in USA—Designed and manufactured in Florence, Alabama; Buy American Act Compliant

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    Where it is manufactured?
    Florence, Alabama, USA
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    Lead times can vary but are currently 3 weeks
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