Desk Booking Software by Robin


    Let Robin’s workplace management software power better office planning. Get the data you need to build offices your employees need. Our workplace datasets provide actionable insights into how people use your office. Our solutions help you:

    • Optimize spaces and desks in real time: Track and measure how your resources are being used with space management software
    • Understand how people use the office: Analyze utilization rates and forecast resource needs with leading workplace analytics for data-driven decisions
    • Reduce real estate costs: See which spaces often go unused, so you can spot opportunities to right-size your office footprint
    Sustainability Statement

    Reduce your real estate costs.

    See which spaces often go unused, so you can spot opportunities to right-size your office footprint.

    Health and Wellness Attributes

    Robin is the only people-first solution for creating sustainable hybrid work strategies. We help encourage workplace designs that support unique teams, growing and adapting with businesses as needs evolve. The Robin platform focuses not only on resource management, but was the first workplace management platform to offer a suite of capabilities focused on community building in the workplace, including hybrid scheduling, visibility into who’s in, favoriting coworkers and office activity planning.

    Key Features
    • Desk booking: Make desk reservations a breeze and empower your teams to plan their workweeks with our easy-to-use hot desking platform.
    • Room scheduling: Facilitate collaboration with our suite of meeting room tools, including advanced space booking features.
    • Workspace analytics: Get real-time answers to how people, spaces, and resources work together in your office.
    • Visibility into office activity: See who’s in office when and get a real-time view of what resources are available.
    • Adjustable office tools: Change or update your office layout in a few clicks, quickly reimagining spaces.
    • Office maps for easy wayfinding: Visualize office activity with a glance at your digital office displays.
    • Mobile app: Book desks, reserve rooms and see who’s in.
    Buyer Information
    Organizations can get started for a low as $399/month.
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