Garden on the wall


Garden on the Wall®’s Installations are created with Natural plants that have been preserved to maintain the fresh-cut state for a minimum of 5 years – although the installations typically last 7-10 years.  All Gardens are custom created following a design and rendering process and are Installed and Touch-up/Micro-mossed with their trained crew to ensure their Visual, Longevity and Safety standards.

With that, they provide a 5-year warranty certificate with each of their installations.

Used in the Workspace, Healthcare and Wellness, Hospitality, Education and Retail settings, Garden on the Wall® – aligned with biophilic design benefits – helps to:

  • Improve productivity and corporate morale
  • Stimulate cognitive function
  • Lower blood pressure 
  • Lower stress levels and improve wellbeing
  • Promote Neurodiversity
  • Cultivate engagement

Garden on the Wall® installations, crafted with preserved plants require:

  • No plumbing
  • No soil
  • No special lighting
  • No pruning
  • No watering or No misting 
  • No costly construction
  • No maintenance contracts
Sustainability Statement

Committed to product transparency, sustainable design and safety, Garden on the Wall® is the only Preserved Garden furnisher and installer in the world that has 3rd party testing for the credentials as below:

  1. A published Health Product Declaration (version 2.2) to disclose the ingredients in their system up to 1000 parts per million which allows the installations to contribute to LEED® v4.1, The WELL Building Standard™ and fitwel® 
  2. Compliance with CDPH VOC standards for both Classroom and Office Scenarios, BREEAM® Building Standards and “Healthy Hospitals Initiative” (HHI) 
  3. Listed in the mindful MATERIALS database and Transparency Catalog 
  4. Certified as Red List Free

100% Biobased Carbon Content per ASTM 6866

Key Features

Installations completed by OSHA 30 certified crew that also completed 8 hours
of fall prevention, 4 hours of extra Scaffolding, CPR and First Aid and 2 hours of
training on Drug and Alcohol abuse.
Customized Designs and Integrations
With endless design and integration possibilities, Garden on the Wall® invites
architects and interior designers to let their creativity run wild and reach new
heights in aesthetics.
Class 1 (and A) for Flame Spread and Smoke Index per ASTM E84 (3 rd party
testing from a reputable laboratory completed for all Preserved Garden Types
and not only for backing boards or Lichen/Reindeer moss)
Acoustic Benefits
With and NRC of 0.44 to Manage Noise Reduction

Where it is manufactured?
Lead Time
8-10 weeks for less than 100 sqf installations
From a budgeting perspective, Garden Panel cost (inclusive of Submittals and Fabrication only) ranges from $175/sf to $350/sf depending on the design and application.
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