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Envoy Protect is designed to help companies safely welcome employees into the workplace. With Protect, you can ensure employees are healthy and vaccinated before they arrive. Give employees the choice to certify their health through proof of vaccination, a weekly COVID test, or a daily health check. Take control of who can access your building by setting criteria for who is not allowed to work on-site based on their health check responses, vaccination status, or test results. Layer in extra security by connecting your access control system, so only healthy employees can badge into your workplace. Empower employees to set and sync their schedules, so they can plan to work on-site as a team, collaborate, and make the most of their time in the workplace.

Envoy Protect is an essential part of our COVID-19 Access Policy, helping us redefine what a safe, secure and healthy workplace looks like.

– JULIA GOLDBERG SVP, Global Real Estate, Office Services and Security at BuzzFeed

Health and Wellness Attributes
Envoy Protect empowers your team to work together in a hybrid work environment and rest assured they’ll arrive and leave healthy. Confirm that employees are vaccinated, have received a negative COVID test, or attest that they are symptom-free before they arrive. You make the rules for who’s allowed in the office. If someone doesn’t meet your criteria, Envoy denies them entry and notifies your team.
Key Features

Workplace schedules: Set your workplace schedule and see when others plan to work on-site.
Custom health check: Confirm that employees are healthy before they arrive and comply with local regulations.
Verify vaccination status or COVID test results: Ask employees to upload a photo of their COVID-19 documentation to maintain compliance.
Touchless sign-in: Have employees sign in with Envoy Mobile on their phone, so there’s no need to touch shared surfaces.
Capacity limits and alerts: Keep people from registering or signing in past your workplace’s max capacity to prevent overcrowding.
Analytics and reporting: Make data-informed decisions with insight into occupancy, screening results, and who’s working on-site.
Workplace contact tracing: Identify who may have been exposed to a sick employee based on your sign-in data.
Announcements: Get important information about the workplace, like policies and events, in front of employees via Envoy Mobile.

Envoy Protect is included with Envoy Visitors, including the free basic plan!
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